Lawsons ?

DD or RD, do we have a shot? Lots of points and rebounds from those two not to mention the younger ones coming up? ghg

What happened? Is Papa Lawson no longer on the staff?

Papa Lawson out…talented kids but lots of drama.

Wow. Will be very interesting to see if we might be in the mix for these guys…I bet Memphis radio will be in full meltdown this afternoon!

I am sure that Arkansas - who recruited them hard in high school - will see what interest that might have.

They were both teammates of Arkansas signee Khalil Garland on the Team Penny AAU squad.

Obviously Arkansas only has one scholarship left for 2017 - a year when both of them would have to redshirt.

So something would have to be worked out numerically.

But the benefit of having both in 2018 and the fact that there are two more brothers in the pipeline 2019 and 2021 - certainly makes it all very enticing if you could get them on campus

Watkins retires or TJ gets a HC gig. Hire Keelon Sr to replace him. Put KJ on scholarship. Dedric “pays own way” because the Lawson’s get a big discount on tuition and Keelon has made and will make good money.

Right? :wink:

Getting those two kids would be huge. Would definitely trade the final scholarship spot + Hazen for those two playing with us in 2018. I don’t want to rag on Hazen but that’s just the trade you have to make to get those two.

Something like that

I remember talking to them at Real Deal and getting the feeling Arkansas was an afterthought then. Now? No idea.

I guess we’ll try and find out.

Keith Easterwood, Memphis AAU guru, and Tiger supporter, was on Memphis radio about 30 minutes ago.

He said the 2 Lawson’s and the father where unhappy with Tubby and staff. He said Josh Padtner tried to take them all to Georgia Tech after Padtner left, but they were convinced to stay by Tubby.

He said the Father Lawson could be interested in an assistant job with a school, but also may go back to coaching Memphis area high school.

He said the 2 current Lawsons would not have to go to the same school. He said the family would like to be within driving distance of watching them play. He said that an SEC school is a likely landing spot to fit that bill.

Fayetteville was the first town mentioned. Among others.

That’s interesting to hear.

If we could only take one, wonder which one would be preferable.

If they’re worried about driving distance, closest SEC schools:

Ole Piss
TN/Missouri (same distance, believe it or not)

Thanks for sharing, superhog! Interesting. It would be something to land some or all of the Lawson’s! ghg

Seems interesting to me that Dedric would choose to essentially wait 2 more years before entering the draft. He’s probably nothing more that a mid 2nd rounder but still seems interesting as he’d be at least 22 before ever playing in an NBA game if he does sit out a year and then plays one more year in college.

Comments: This is where a Todd.Day would swing the door shut in Ark favor…Mike Should review the value Todd brings especially in the Memphis and Oklahoma areas. Scottie Louisiana and Texas, TJ Alabama and Florida…

Just because someone is a former Hog and has ties to an area doesn’t mean they deserve a job on the coaching staff or is the best fit for the coaching staff. We see schools that just hire guys strictly for having ties to players/area and it rarely works out. Good examples the Porter’s dad getting hired at Washington to bring his kids in and the subject of this thread the Lawson’s dad being on the Memphis staff for his connections in Memphis. Neither of those situations worked out. CMA has shown at three different locations now he knows what it takes to build a program and sustain success, and he will make changes if needed.

Reply: Todd should have been added to the UA assistant coaching staff sometime back. Regarding your comparison to Todd this Porter kid and father is not the same. Todd coached high school in Memphis and currently coaching at the college level in Little Rock he was placed there for reason, it may be the right time for him to come home

In my opinion Todd is the eventual successor of TJ once he lands a HC gig (which he had been actively pursuing)

The more nationwide/media success Arkansas achieves the better TJ’s can pad his resume.

It’s also up to coach Day to establish Philander Smith basketball program.

Memphis will always be a basketball factory that recognises a local legend in Todd Day…(even if he chose to attend at the time a rival program)

I have to disagree. I really like Todd and hope he gets a chance to be at his alma mater someday.

He is now in the college game at Philander Smith and getting his feet wet in the college coaching game.

But if he did have such power and was such a kingmaker, he would already be on the staff at Memphis, Ole Miss or Arkansas.

Recruiting is about success and relationships, but it is also about getting the experience needed to know how things work.