Laurent from UMass

Any word on if he is still visiting the Hogs Mon? I can’t find any info that he was actually at OSU this weekend either.

Ahh the whole first visit gets the commit situation gets us again.

Man…you aren’t kidding. Really weird how these guys won’t visit a couple of these places. Maybe they are being told commit now or no opportunity if you visit another place. Just spit balling but man, most first visits turn into getting the players!

Yep, just seems like a different deal. Has the feel that maybe the first place they visit is there top school and the rest of the visits made are just backups in case the first visit isn’t what they were expecting.

Besides Grayer, it seems the well is dry for us and grad transfers unless I’m totally overlooking someone/info hasnt come out on someone yet. Not really sure what the deal is with Grayer either.

No one has told me this, but I think this is where we are at. At this moment we have 2 scholarships to give - one for Vanover, and one for Sy. If we go 2 for 2 then we are done for this class.

That is why IMO we are continuing to make contact, but we won’t bring anyone else on campus until we know what the 2 bigs are going to do.