Laundry trouble

From Tom Murphy’s story today:

The Arkansas Razorbacks will be without one of their jersey combinations for the near future after a laundering mistake in Athens, Ga., last weekend.

It is customary for the home team to wash the jerseys of the traveling team in their industrial-sized washers, particularly in a case like the Razorbacks, who were not returning to Fayetteville after their series against Georgia last week.

Arkansas officials arranged to have the Bulldogs’ equipment team wash their red jerseys, white jerseys and white pants over the weekend. The big problem: they were washed together and the crimson jerseys bled onto the whites, turning them pink.

The Razorbacks have just two sets of jerseys in Hoover, their cream-colored combo, typically worn on home Sundays, and their road grays.

The laundering error was accidental, a UA official said.

Maybe accidental, but undoubtedly stupid. Anyone who washes clothes knows not to wash reds with whites. I’m not convinced the UGA equipment staff was this incompetent.

Anybody, who has ever done laundry should know you don’t wash red with whites!

That’s a very expensive mistake. Who will eat the cost of that?

The idiots that done it should pay for the replacements! As long as the hogs are winning keep wearing these uniforms.

They’re both Nike schools. I suspect a call has gone out to Beaverton this morning.

I remember in the early years of our marriage, I made my wife mad a couple of times doing this. I suspect it is a part time teenager employee doing the wash.

The only housework that I’m banned from is laundry. I messed up badly once. So now I’m the toilet guy.

When I was in the Marines, I washed my BDU’s with some whites. I had some dull green cloths for awhile. Also, messed up and put bleach in the colors wash. Bleach will turn black orange.

Somehow during my marriage, I wound up as the laundry guy. And the grocery guy and most-of-the-cooking guy and … Of course, as a single guy you gotta do your own. I don’t even think about it any more. There were times I wore so much red stuff in a week that I’d have entire loads of nothing but red. There were a couple of times that I failed to separate out a T-shirt or something else white from all that red and it turned pink, but nothing like this laundry screwup.

(Further laundry note: I refuse to use America’s most popular laundry detergent, the one that shares a name with a football team located in western Alabama. Ain’t happening. Ever.)

can’t believe this hasn’t sprouted a conspiracy theory on this board yet

This isn’t the right board for conspiracy theories. :smiley:

The Russians did it. :lol:

That won’t be a conspiracy theory. It would be a true statement. Lol

All that uranium makes for a lot of radioactive rich people.
Hog related in a very real way. Maybe some of that money
made its way to Arkansas. :!: