Latest way-too-early bracketology

Arkansas is sitting pretty 10+ months out lol

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Should I go ahead and book your hotel, Scottie?


Sixth on the seed list ain’t bad. I doubt we were that high as defending NCs in 1995, if they even did seeding like that then.

Sure would be good to be in that Dallas regional and make it Bud Walton South.
Not loving going to Detroit.

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Last week he had us as the 2 going to Boston, so this is a little better. The other option is LA, so Detroit is the second closest. It’s 892 miles from BWA to the Detroit arena, by the way. Neither LIT nor XNA has direct flights to Detroit. Or Boston for that matter.

I was within 150 miles of Detroit yesterday on my business trip to Ohio.

Did not enjoy my last trip to Detroit for the NCAA Tournament. Felt like I left the city before I got going.

Too close for comfort, lol.

There was a freeze warning in that part of Ohio last night, after I had already left. Temp was in the 40s the whole time I was there. Fortunately knew that in advance and packed accordingly.

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Cleveland area?

Nope. Flew to Dayton, drove up to Lima from there. Had lunch yesterday in Neil Armstrong’s hometown on the way back to the airport; the restaurant was on Apollo Drive.

Dayton’s airport is huge for a town no bigger than it is. But Wikipedia informs me that Dayton’s population has been cut in half in my lifetime. However, the Dayton area still has 800,000 people and that airport is allegedly the third busiest in Ohio (Cincy’s airport being in Kentucky). However when I walked into the terminal at 3:30 p.m. for my flight home, the line to get through TSA consisted of … me.

LSU has done the second best job to Arkansas in the transfer portal. They are ranked nationally #4 to our #2.

Also Florida and South Carolina are in Top 20 transfer rankings. Missouri is not far behind.

Last time in Detroit had a two hour lay over. My sister and I found something called big beers. When we got off plane in Buffalo my Dad laughed and my mother shook her finger at us.

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