Latest video from the SEC Shorts folks


:rofl:Nailed it once again.

I could not contain myself. LOL for sure. That was so good.

I would love to see one where she is going over rules with SEC refs, but we know they will not allow that.

LSU - Have you not seen MSU play since you made them look like a playoff team?

Bama - How do you play a wide receiver. Give him 10 yards cushion and then tackle 5 yards down the field.

Ole Miss has not recruited a defensive player in the last 5 years.

The writers did a great job this week and these 4 do a great job with whatever they put out.

Having the big 12 guy look in was perfect.

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Not to hijack my own thread and turn it in a different direction…but the SEC is becoming more and more like the Big 12.

Think about this past weekend with the Alabama-Ole Miss and Mizzou-LSU games. Those are not the type of games we used to see in the SEC.

But - back on subject…yes, it was another very good/funny video.

:rofl: :rofl:

Aloha Wiz,

Thank-you for continually bringing outstanding content to the Board. Mahalo!


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