Latest twist on colored turf

Incarnate Word, a Southland Conference school in San Antonio, is going camo with its end zone design. SA, of course, being a big military town. Arizona State uses camo on the lettering in its end zone, but this is the first all-out camo.

Love IT!

I thought you might like that Gas.

Every time that blue field shows up, I change the channel. I cannot
stand to watch a game on a field that is not some shade of green or
dirt. Call me an old fart or a traditionalist, I don’t care. If the hogs
put in an all red field, as much as I love them, I’d stop watching.
Endzones are okay, but the field is the field. If its not broke then
don’t fudge with it!!

Just my .10 on the topic.

Same here Votan. A red field would be my breaking point. The Boise field makes my head hurt.

I guess if Incarnate Word has problems finding the end zone this year, they would have a built-in excuse: “It’s camouflage, so we couldn’t see it.” :smiley: