Latest opener since 1941

In olden times late September openers were the norm to play a ten game or less regular season. In 1941 the Hogs opened their schedule on September 27th by drubbing mighty East Central Oklahoma 56-0.

We did play on September 26th in 1953, when Bowden Wyatt’s first team lost 7-6 to Oklahoma State. That’s the last time we’ve started as late as this year.

We have played regular season games in December several times, primarily in miserable losses to Texas.

I remember several years when the season started after September 15. We played a 10 game schedule. I wish we would go back to a 10 game schedule, playing 8 conference games and 2 non-conference games. Watering down the college football season with a bunch of crappy non-conference games in order to have 12 games is no fun for anybody except the school’s accountant and the its bank.


It is all about the money…

In general, I agree with you. In this case, however, the way I’d put it is that it’s about survival.