Latest on UA and War Memorial

The university has told state leaders that the stadium needs between $4.85 million and $10 million in upgrades to fall in line with fan demands, TV requirements and potential changes to minimum facility expectations by the SEC. Here are details: … 0m-update/

War Memorial. Huhhh, what is it good for? Absolutely Nuthin! That’s not entirely true, but I couldn’t resist. I do have a soft spot for the old grey lady that goes back to 1966, but I’m not blind. While RRS continues to expand and improve, WMS just staaaays the same. 10 mil is a band aid. Maybe just maybe, we can play the black Friday Mizzou game there every other year, but nothing else makes any sense financially. On a brighter note, we host Vandy next year? Well it’s about time!

Agree about playing Mizzou there on Black Friday since students are on break that day, if games are to continue there.
As far as upgrades, I’m sure they’ll have to try and pass a special sales tax in LR to pay for it since the merchants and restaurants of LR and NLR will be the beneficiaries of having the game there. Other concessions should be made to entice the UofA to continue there such as waiving stadium rental. JMO.

Once again: WMS is not city property. LR does not own the stadium. LR therefore cannot pass a sales tax to expand/renovate the stadium. It’s up to the state to do whatever is done. Or not done.

War Memorial Stadium was built in 1948 and was bowled in years later. The businesses in the city of Little Rock, the state capital, have reaped the benefits of untold millions of dollars in revenue from fans coming to the games spending money for food, lodging, shopping and countless other activities which have provided revenue to the area. The upgrades to the stadium should have been done years ago when we were playing 3 and 4 games a year there. Now, the cost vs. benefit does not seem to be a fair deal, but if you look at the lifetime of the stadium it has been a huge boost for the area and the state.

In summary, the benefits of the games were huge over the past 69 years, but little was done to insure the continuation of the games. It was mostly take and little give. The stadium, if renovated in a manner similar to RRS, would be modern today and fit for games. But it is not.

I’m a big advocate of keeping one game at WMS. It may cause us to lose a little revenue but keeping a presence in that part of the state is important. I would much rather play a game in LR each year than Dallas. Hopefully the state will come up with the funds to address the shortcomings and hopefully the next AD will realize how it is important to play there.

I have no problem with one game a year in LR. One of biggest problems is that SEC mandate facility standards and here does money come from? It would make sense to have MO game Thanksgiving weekend and in alternate years have non conference game 1st game of year. We need to get back to playing A&M on campus. We cannot give up potential 2 home games away from Fayetteville.

We’ll have to give up the AT+T game as we are the home team in those years, both to aTm and Mizzou.

I wonder if we could work out an agreement with the Aggies to get those years to change where we’d be home in even years vs odd years? Probably be a scheduling headache to big to overcome.

WMS had a lot to do with helping Frank Broyles build the Razorback program, but the future doesn’t look good.

Seems to me right now the GOBN is winning, and the good old boys like tailgating on the golf course.