Latest on Toney, plus preparations in the event he can't play

Eric Musselman said Tuesday that Au’Diese Toney will travel to Tampa this week, but he is "still a ways off” as of now with his ankle injury.

Here’s more, plus the latest on how Arkansas is preparing in the event he can’t play or is limited:

Doesn’t sound good at all. But if it helps him heal up, I’d rather him sit during the SECT because we’ll badly need him for the big tournament


Coaches speak for Toney NOT playing…

The dance will be the most important stage. It would be nice for him to be able to play in the SEC tourney but it’s not a must.
The question is will it or could it cost the hogs a seed line.

I hate to say this but if Toney is not going to practice this week at all there is something more than a sprained ankle, IMO.

I’ve never had a sprained ankle, just broken ones.How many times have we been jacked around on this very subject about an injury. NOT good…

If you remember back to when Kamani Johnson injured his ankle against Missouri on Jan. 12, he missed two games and was available on an as-needed basis, I believe, against Texas A&M 10 days later.

Using that timeline, 10 days after the injury for Toney would be Saturday in the semifinals.

If Toney is a no go someone is going to be asked to show up and fill some big shoes. Ever who that player is I wish him well and hope he makes the best of the opportunity that has come his way. WPS

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My son sprained his ankle last month. Was the ugliest black and blue I had ever seen. He had did everything he could do to get it healthy and he still missed two weeks which was 4 games.

He went up for a rebound and landed on his teammate’s foot in practice.

If Toney can’t play on Friday, I kind of think the opponent dictates who starts. But my gut is telling me Kamani Johnson will start. He started against Missouri in the first meeting, and if it’s LSU like we expect, his physicality will be needed.

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A sprain can be very debilitating

I sprained my ankle playing basketball. “Sprains” go from minor to very severe. I had to wear a cast for 1 month and another month of rehab.

Er, watching LSU?

If anyone was going to be Nelly Negative, it’s you, Danny. Consistent, I’ll give you that.

Oh, I’m a half full guy. Sounds like we’ll have 80% of our starters for LSU.

Some guy came under me on a jump shot (and I can’t jump :smile:), I landed on his foot, I sprained an ankle, and I was out a month. I didn’t have a boot and all, but did everything else to try to get back. Even when the pain stops and the swelling subsides, your ankle is weak, and you need a base to do anything, not just running, not just defending, but even shooting, which requires more than just your arms. I kept testing my ankle and trying to play, and was plenty hungry enough and brave enough to try, but I couldn’t. A severe sprain is a real
issue. Even a moderate sprain can take more time than you think it will. Not to say Toney will be out a month, he won’t, but the NCAA’s is probably doable and the SEC Tourney is probably not.

I think it’s the high ankle sprains that are slowest to heal. I might be incorrect there.
Have no clue of the sprain Toney has.

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The weird thing about Toney’s sprain is that there was zero indication of it during the game. I rewatched the last 4 minutes and focused on Toney. There wasn’t one point were he twisted an ankle, favored an ankle, limped, looked at his ankle… nothing. He was running around, jumping, playing defense like always until the end of the game. Maybe I missed it…?

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I don’t even remember Toney getting hurt at all against LSU. I’m surprised it’s taking him this long because I didn’t see him limp or anything. Maybe I just missed it but I can’t even remember it.

This is why I wonder if it’s a hairline fracture or something else. Certainly didn’t notice any ankle sprain.