Latest on the basketball coaching search is...

really a non-update.

It appeared there was going to be some movement today on Kelvin Sampson - one way or the other - but nothing valid of him coming to Arkansas or staying at Houston has materialized.

I am sure talks with both sides have/are going on.

With Monday being April Fool’s Day, I’m batting down the hatches with people having fun with it tomorrow.

The only thing I am sure of is there is lengthy list of candidates, but obviously there is a pecking order and it has been assumed Coach Sampson was at the top.

Is Corliss on the list?

A lengthy list. Well that’s good to hear. If Yurachek believes Kelvin Sampson should be at the top of the list, then so be it.

Don’t know if he’s on the list, but he will not be our next coach. Corliss himself has said he doesn’t like recruiting and is content being in the NBA.

I know I’ve said it a couple times…but I can still see the old HI board with Todd aka Jacksonhog who had excellent basketball connections posting that Billy G was headed here. Then UK opened. This feels like that to me. It’s heavily rumored that Sampson is coming, then it’s quiet and no one know. I can’t handle another Pel.

I agree, I can’t handle one like Pel either

Let the motorcycle jokes begin.

I’m beginning to get sick to my stomach.

Gillispie was coming until UK fell into his lap. Just one in a loooong list of what ifs that have littered our last 20 years of blah.

Who knows what would have happened or if the ridiculous John White wouldn’t have had the requirement that sitting coaches had to have an on-campus interview (like a professor). It cost us Bill Self when he was at Illinois. White-more than anyone—killed our program.

Who are the BOT members who backed and enabled White and destroyed all?

A bad memory. White is a bad memory.
Arrogant narcissist.

BOT members serve rotating 10 year terms; one comes off every year. Every one on the board at that time, whether they enabled or opposed White, is gone.

I was at the university during white’s time. He did tremendous things on the academic and fundraising side as well as with enrollment. He meddled far too much in athletics and he hated the frat boys like me. He kicked his own frat off campus and made sure the police ruined the underage spots like JRs and almost maxines.

If the sticking point in hiring Sampson is his kids being on staff, if him and Yuracheck are such good friends why didn’t Yuracheck KNOW about this beforehand?

Yurachek was his boss for two years. Son was hired in 2014, before HY got there. The daughter was hired in 2016, while he was there. Of course he knew. Sticking point may be trying to talk KS out of it, that coach in waiting isn’t going to fly here.

the curse of John White still lives, for now. a name that needs to be erased from razorback athletics.

John White! gag cough

I do not believe that to be an issue for either side, despite people making that the narrative.

The coach in waiting thing is one deal, but on the staff is not.

Lauren is the director of external basketball operations, which is more of a media relations/publicity thing.

That is not the position that Matt Zimmerman had here.

Dudley, can you say if Sampson to Arkansas is dead or not? Cause some places are reporting it’s dead, others are saying they haven’t heard anything.

Sampson at the top of the list huh.
In what order is the list?
If it’s by best coach available, not sure I would want anyone below Sampson. Not sure he is that much of an upgrade if any.
Anything less may be similar to the Stan Heath days.