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Cause for concern?

I think this is where you have to recruit as hard as you can and point out the pluses for Arkansas. I think the July 6 commitment date probably wasn’t going to be good news for Arkansas. The good news is the Hogs have a better chance of getting him up for unofficial visits for games than Bama or anyone else because of distance.

What happened between “almost” committing at the All Arkansas camp, and it going “south”?

And Arkansas being his dream school.
I understand how kids can get caught up in todays high profile recruiting blitz. I also think there are a lot of outside sources (family, friends, etc.) that enjoy the ride along with these kids and may be constantly heading advice from all directions that makes them anxious, confused, undecided or whatever.

This is a norm of recruiting the 4 and 5 stars. We shouldn’t get mad at the kids that have people influencing them against their “dream school”. I think you have to recruit him as hard as possible, AND put extra emphasis on finding another player of equal or better talent. I say you go find someone to fill his spot and let the chips fall where they may.

I wasn’t at the All Arkansas camp, but Dudley was.

Yea this kid, seems like he was all the way hogs, I do understand taking all your visits and enjoying the recruiting process, but at the same time our instate kids, have to realize if you stay at home you’re going to get a chance to play right away especially if your a 4-5 star talent like this young man

He wants to go to Arkansas. His friends and those closest to him want him to go to Arkansas. He has relationships with some of the Hogs already on the team.

He has people whispering in his ear about Alabama. It’s all about getting to the NFL and making the big $ one day. Oklahoma State has done an amazing job with their recruiting.

The key to playing in the NFL is playing early and often in college. That’s what happens for him at Arkansas, not Alabama. And though he’d play at Oklahoma State, the SEC is the ticket to the NFL, not the Big 12.

I hope someone tells him Alabama is a ticket to nowhere. He’ll be competing against 5 or more of the best in the nation for his position. I mean 5 top athletes who could play anywhere. 3 or 4 are going to be left out in the cold and will never play a down of college football – and often times those coaching decisions are arbitrary because Saban can pick any of the athletes to play – all of them are good enough. This means 3 or 4 kids who could play anywhere in the SEC will never see the field at Alabama. Any good player thinks he’ll win such a competition, but he needs to ask what happens if he does not. Someone needs to remind him of the tragic history of what happens to Arkansas kids who go to Alabama.

Montaric needs to go where he can play without question and that’s Arkansas. He needs to go where he’s got family and friends who want him to succeed, and that’s Arkansas.

And finally, someone needs to tell him he has to have a Plan B. What if, heaven forbid, he does not make it to the NFL? If he graduates, he’ll have a good job in Arkansas somewhere. Arkansas companies are full of former Razorbacks making a good living. In Alabama, there won’t be anything for him. And in Arkansas those jobs go to former Razorbacks, not former Bama players.

I’m sure folks are talking to him about this. Often time the anti-Arkansas voices telling a kid what to do are newcomers to college football and the recruiting process, and they are not familiar with these realities.

Man you broke it down great, I can tell you have an inside track on this, I hope he listens and comes to Arkansas, and he will be in the rotation from the jump…