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Richard thank you - can you also check on the status of Fisher given the new offer from Michigan State?

Saw where he was supposedly still considering UAB. Seems very hard to understand considering his very impressive offer list. We really need this guy.

His brother is there. Family is that important to some people…But I doubt they are really in it.

Ok, didn’t know that. Yeah I love my brothers but I would not be going to UAB with his offer list and potential. But that definitely clears it up, thanks

I hear it is us, Iowa, LSU, Auburn & OM…what do you think our chances are?

AR 55%
Aub 15
IA 10
Aub 10
OM 10

He had 16 tackles Sat in the MS/AL High School All-Star game… was a FACTOR! Need him!


Any idea where TJ is leaning?

I think it will come down to Iowa and Arkansas. If Arkansas gets him for an unofficial visit in Jan. I like the Hogs.

this is a recruit that WE got in on EARLY and it clearly appears to be paying dividends, IMO. :smiley:

Wow! Sounds encouraging. ghg

So rumors are swirling that Johnston is leaning Iowa. If true, how in the world does this happen? This is a kid from Alabama that we might lose to Iowa on h2h. A kid we’ve been on for a LONG time and recruited very hard. This, quite frankly, just shouldn’t happen. RD, the kid has seemed adamant that he really likes Arkansas for some time now. What gives?

His mom is from Iowa and evidently a lot family still lives there. Iowa isn’t chicken liver. It’s good program that does a very good job f developing players.

If he makes the unofficial visit to Fayetteville he’s talked about in Jan, then I like Arkansas’ chances.

Johnston makes it to Iowa City a couple times a year with his grandparents living in the area along with his aunt, uncle and a couple cousins. His mom is from there and his dad played college football in the state.

Thank you for the info about family. That actually makes a lot of sense and changes my opinion to an extent.

Great info. Thanks for that. Makes sense


Kyrei. The only other LB prospect that we’re known to be in on at this point. I don’t mean that as rude, it’s just a little scary considering what we have as of now

Fisher has tweeted lately that he has not de-committed from Minnesota and has no plans to do so.

That’s even though Michigan State, Texas and Arkansas have also been involved.

They are apparently on two others.

As for what they would have here next season - they will have 11 scholarship linebackers and four walk ons:

Dre Greenlaw
Randy Ramsey
De’Jon Harris
Dwayne Eugene
Khalia Hackett
Josh Harris
Alexy Jean-Baptiste
Dee Walker
Giovanni LaFrance
Derrick Munson - 2017 signee
Josh Paul - 2017 signee
Grant Morgan - walk on
Brausell - walk on
Phillips - walk on
Reynolds - walk on

I’m kind of surprise he still committed to Minnesota with all the suspensions and bad news floating around.