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So he has made 2 trips to NCST & making his second to Auburn. Sounds like he has narrowed it down to those 2 at this point.
Or not.

I say…or not.

i don’t read anything into him taking 2 trips elsewhere to 1 here,he has been knowing CCM/Craddock a long time and he already knows what they bring to the table and he has to see the talent we are brining in…I still feel positive

I don’t think taking unofficial visits to nearby North Carolina (not State) and Auburn and not to further destinations such as Arkansas, Miami and Missouri will play into the decision

People around here still seem positive, but we’ll see.

It would be nice for the Higs to get lucky and beat Moo U with Kelly Bryant there visiting Moo U. At least he has set a date to make a decision.

Kelly will be our starting QB next season.

Hog! ghg

You think this has anything to do with KB decision. … lang=en-US