Latest from the "Why oh why do I EVER read Wally's column?" chronicles

I very rarely look at Wally’s column, but saw something about the new NCAA Basketball replacement for RPI, and so briefly scanned the article for any interesting info (there was none) on that topic. However, I did see this nugget of wisdom at the end of his column.

While talking about the Colorado State football game, Wally opined that “It will be one of 12 key games for the Hogs as they look to bounce back from a 4-8 season.”

Way to go out on a limb in identifying THE “key” game, Wally . . . “one of 12” . . .


I’ve read one column of his in the past 15 years. And regretted it.

He is a terrible writer.

Wally is a master at his little digs against those he has a grudge against. He artfully twists a comment so it can appear innocent but achieves his goal of attacking all those who he holds a grudge against. THAT list is enormous:

  1. Bobby Knight for making his mother cry at an appearance for UALR basketball when Bobby criticized Wally by name for attacking his friend, Wimp Sanderson, in repeated articles.
  2. Anyone taller than him not named Joe Kleine.
  3. Jeff Long, for not treating Wally special enough.
  4. Orville Henry for setting the bar so high in terms of expectations in Arkansas for Razorback coverage
  5. Anyone associated with recruiting which he doesn’t understand and is too important to learn.
  6. The Razorbacks for being so popular that he cannot focus on his true love, ASU, or his second love, horse racing.
  7. Feel free to add to the list.

I remember Wally attacking Lou Holtz it seems like for years after Lou was fired. Constantly. He must have really hurt Wally’s feelings. In my mind, Lou was one of the most successful coaches at the UA plus my little brother walked on and played a year for Lou. That was the Texas 42-11 season. One carry, one yard! Went to the game with a friend without tickets, ended up sitting on the 50! He has told me a few Lou stories. One of my favorite coaches. So not a Wally fan.

I became disgusted with Wally (and J.R. Starr) with the way they treated Nolan Richardson his first 3-4 years. At the same time his head was so far up Mike Newell’s butt, everytime Newell yawned, you see the top of Wally’s head. (For those who don’t remember or are too young, Newell was the UALR basketball coach at the time.)


I sometimes read a Wally article by accident. After a few paragraphs I stop and think “Wally must have written this!” Them I delete the article and do five Hail Mary’s; and I am not Catholic!

For the most unread opinion columnist, Wally is definitely the most written about columnist ever.