Latest from Les Miles and Jeff Long at Kansas

When we had our recent coaching searches in football, I couldn’t believe some folks wanted us to take a long look (pardon the pun) at Les. He succeeded at LSU because of the talent pipeline and full cupboard that Nick Saban left him. He wouldn’t have had that at Arkansas…it would have been a disaster…as Kansas his since found out.

And, I guess it’s just complete coincidence that scandal (Petrino, now this) seems to follow Jeff Long wherever he goes.

Just reinforces why Jeff Long and Miles should never ever be hired and put at any position at a Power 5 program again. We are still suffering from the decisions Jeff Long made as AD regarding our football program. You could throw in chancellors as well especially John White and Steinmetz regarding athletics.

Long wanted to hire Miles in 2012 before hiring Bert. Got stiffed by program/ Razorback Foundation insiders like when he tried to hire Tommy Bowden in 2007.

Hiring JL & Les will be a tough sell to any school.

Both may find a more successful career path in retirement.

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