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Another way I look at. We have 6 home games left and 8 road games left. 5 of those road games are against teams that are below us in SEC standings, and 1 of them is against a team that is 0-5 in their conference. So, if we can win out at home, and win 3 of the 6 road games against teams below us in standings, that would give us a 22-9 record heading into the SEC tournament. Win 1 or 2 games in SEC tournament, and barring any bad losses (like to Mizzou) and I think we’re in.

Bottom line is we stumbled a little to start sec play. So now we have to win a lot more than we lose. And our confidence and chemistry is pretty fragile after our slow start. Every game is huge to get us back on track.

If we could pick only one game to stomp the living daylight out of somebody, I would totally choose the aggies. You know since Kentucky is off the table. And we need the confidence now more than ever.

I’m calling it now, Arkansas 83 - buzz cut yell boys 59

When I saw "not to be a downer " I thought look out ! I know where your coming from and due to the inconsistency of play against Sec teams you just never know what will happen. You give me the team that showed up against Ky in the first half and you can get your chisel out and cut in stone we’re head to the big dance, however if the team that showed up against MissSt you can take some chalk and scribble NIT. It’s a whole new game in the Sec with more pressure mounting everyday and there’s going to be some battles where we will have to play our best to survive. As I have said many times this year we have the talent to compete if they perform as a team consistently. WPS

dare I say rolling into a top 25 ranking just in time forvrevenge against the Allen kid in gainsville and a top 6 seed at large bid? it’s all within reach this year. get cook and thomas to play some hoops watch out.

Nice call on losing by 15. Let’s hope you are as accurate in the rest of your predictions.

Looked like it was going to happen a couple times though, lets hope they come around, cause I wouldn’t go hanging my hat on a great season on a win against a team that thinks they cant win like A@M is becoming!!! The Bball gods were on our side for sure last night!

Moved up to a 9 seed in ESPN’s bracketology today. Got a couple of Razorback haters in the comments section, I don’t know what schools they are fans of, but they don’t like the fact we’re in the field. … acketology

Have to hand it to that one troll though, that okie light game sure is looking more and more like a must win for us

Still holding as a 9 seed in today’s updated bracket.

Another thing of note for us, the Georgia loss didn’t hurt them that bad. They are still on the first 4 out list. We really need them to pick up some wins and get in the field. The one knock on our resume is we don’t have any wins against a team projected in the field (at large bid). We get them at home for our final game, if we can’t beat South Carolina or Florida on the road, they could end up being our best win (if we beat them at home).

What? Why? Makes no sense.

This game will go a long way to determining if sec gets a fourth team in field. All the big 12 sec challenge will be big, no more than our game, since we are most likely to be that fourth team. And last week, okie light was looking like a bad loss waiting to happen. I’m glad they have picked up two wins since. They are much better than their record.

While, I agree the SEC/Big 12 challenge is good for the perception of the SEC if we do well, it’s not going to determine how many teams in the SEC make the field. It’s a good opportunity for us because it’s a potential top 50 road win, but it’s not a must win for our tournament chances, if we beat Vandy and lose to them, I doubt we’ll be knocked out of any bracket predictions. May drop us down a line.

Looks like we’ll get a good idea of where we are at on February 11th. … w?id=46919