Latest artwork of the RRS NEZ project

Comments? I do see several changes from previous renderings.

I like it!

I like that a lot. Much better than the earlier ones I’ve seen. I’d bet this is more accurate because now the architectural plans are in place. (I know those things can be changed during a project, but I doubt they’d be too major.)

Now if we can just stop guns from coming into the stadium so we can continue to be part of the SEC…

Looks like more seats being added than previously mentioned. I heard there were only 3 or 4,000 additional seats. Not counting the seats behind the glass in the suites, that looks more like 10,000 than 3,000 stadium seats. The top plaza and the plaza at the corner opening have a standing room capacity of several thousand as well. Have they changed the design to increase the number of seats being added for the money invested?

I don’t think they’ve changed the total capacity. And their estimate for the standing room area is only 1500, according to what they told the Trustees, not several thousand. I think there is more glass without more seats, and the ramps at the northwest corner appear to be a new feature as well.

Going back and looking at it, though, I could see perhaps an adjustment of a few hundred seats.

It looks like there is going to be an area on the northeast side that is quite a bit lower/open. I wonder if that is going to create some funky cross winds for kicking FGs and extra points on the north end, sort of like the wind you get between skyscrapers in a large city.

The prevailing wind at RRS seems to be north-south (one or the other) during football season. However, I have noticed some swirling even with the current RRS configuration; the flags atop the stadium will be blowing south to north, but the streamers on the goal posts are moving north to south.

What all is actually different from previous images? Haven’t paid enough attention to tell.

Here is the previous version:

I would say the new arrangement shifts seats more toward the northwest and opens the northeast corner up wider. It is possible that this was done in part because of the swirling winds issue; a wide opening would cause less swirling.

Ok I see it now, thanks.

Looks like the entrance to the stadium from the locker room expanded quite a bit as well. Hope to see the Hog pen gate back on the entrance, sure liked that.

They raised the front stands so they could get field level suites which was not in the original. They expanded the handicapped seating area just above those new field level suites and they have a ramp on each side of the center tunnel, now, to access those handicapped seating areas. There are also additional suites on the left and right tucked under the second tier of seating too. That is the most significant change that I see. I still don’t know what the curved walls on each side of the field are doing. It might be handicapped seating as well but it is not clear.

Are you talking about the area of white concrete to the right of the field? That’s there now, and has been since they built that area after they took out the RRS track in the 70s. It’s not an area of unobstructed concrete there as it is in front of the UA student section (which is indeed handicapped seating), but it’s there with seats on it. If you look closely you can see it, or at least the curved walls, here:

Looks pretty cool to me. Massive upgrade. Will look much better on TV.

I agree. Which brings me to a pet peeve. UA refuses to give accurate capacity figures for any of its facilities. Nobody seriously thinks that the current capacity of RRS is exactly 72,000. I do recognize that there is some flux; the skyboxes have differing capacities from what I understand, and can even be customized a bit. Plus more or fewer students can be crammed into those areas, since they’re standing all the time anyway. The new standing room area on the north end will also introduce some more variability. But you should be able to get some kind of a count, at RRS or BWA, once you specify that the skyboxes have X capacity, the student sections have Y and the SRO area has Z, and they don’t or won’t.

I don’t like the opening. Call my crazy, but I just don’t get how it’s some grand ole tradition. My freshman year was 1994 so obviously, you only had the Broyles center and the away side had no upper deck. So, is it some grand tradition because we have always been able to see into the stadium from Maple? If that’s a tradition, what about when we expanded in 2000? We lost the “tradition” of a large view of the Boston Mountains and south Fayetteville etc. I just don’t get it…seems like making something tradition for tradition’s sake.

Overall, it’s gonna be beautiful, but it does look “incomplete”. Hopefully demand calls for it to be closed in someday.