Laterrance Welch

Unless something changes, I expect him to stick with LSU.

I actually started thinking that Florida might sneak in and get him, but yeah, I think either LSU or Fla.

One of Welch’s best friends, another corner from Lafayette, signed with LSU a little while ago.

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As usual, the closer this gets the more rumors come out. Who knows what’s gonna happen.

Will give insight after he decides.

Well that seems to be a dead giveaway!!! Figured this is how it would go and not sure why he waited until this late in the day but that’s just me.

The first post in this thread was made because he told someone very close to him he was sticking with LSU.

He definitely tried to up the drama the last few days. I think that’s where some of the doubt came from about him going to LSU.

Sounds about right RD!

Another one that wanted extra attention!
Good luck to him.

He’ll be in the portal in a year…

You are underestimating how kids love LSU.

Tell Landon Jackson that

The ones from Louisiana do, especially south of I-20.

Big time.

There is always an exception to the rule.

I wish the hogs could find another S Harris.

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