Late night at the airport

After the soccer team returned from beating Auburn.


Another great example of Hunter leading. There at midnight to welcome home the team.

My thoughts exactly

And he was in Little Rock for a luncheon at noon!

When asked what it would take to keep him here, he immediately responded that he was not going anywhere! Discussed his three sons and how they are here and his purchase of a secondary home on a lake in NW Arkansas for down time. Family loves it here. Lots of applause.


Absolutely. Our AD is an asset to our state and certainly the UofA. I love his engagement with our athletics.

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He shows enthusiasm and deviation to the hogs! Being at the airport at midnight shows he really cares! He’s a keeper.

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Got to love Hunter being there to great the Ladies. The SEC CHAMPION ladies no less. Welcome home Champs!

Seeing SEC Champion signs does not get old. That is very difficult to do no matter the sport. All the teams in all the sports seem to be good and a lot are great. And the man leading them all comes out at mid-night after a long day to great them. I love it.

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Hunter is a perfect fit for our state.

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I haven’t seen anyone mention this: Thursday was his birthday, so the SEC championship had to be a pretty cool gift to end the day.

It has been an eventful couple of days for him. He was back in Springdale last night to watch his son play for Fayetteville High.


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