Late inning collapses

I feel sorry for Stephan. We have collapsed more than a few times when he pitches. I have zero confidence in any bullpen combo van horn tries. Rendl receives accolades but when I watch he chokes. Even though he got a win against a and m people forget he gave up the tying run in the ninth. Alberus has done squat his sr year for the most part. Koop pitched ok but Chadwick once again let us down. Lee walks in the go ahead run. Murphy should be given shot at closer. We can’t rely on anyone else.

Yep, errors get us everytime. From there, it snowballed. Game should have been over with us winning. Hosting Regional? Not sure anymore.

Not sure this team even deserves to host…

I’m not going to say that. We deserve it as much as anyone not in the top 10 or so. The problem is we’re close enough to the bubble that going 0-2 could cost us that host spot. Even 1-2 is so much better. Had we won today, lost to UF tomorrow, I don’t think anything past that would have mattered. Losing to two teams behind us in the SEC standings isn’t good for us.

Oh for crying out loud…

You don’t determine hosting off one game

It’s baseball

Hogs have had a great year

Why? Because it lost today?

Arkansas had a heck of a regular season - 39 wins, 18 SEC wins, national RPI of 14. A close loss to a good Mississippi State team doesn’t detract from that.

We are one of only a hand full of teams that have never won the SEC Tournament, so it should not be a big surprise.

I’m a competitor and I like to win, period. I’d like to win a division championship. I’d like to win a conference championship. I’d like to win a conference tournament championship. All of which seems to escape us, but we play good enough during the season to potentially host a regional and potentially get to the CWS which I guess offsets some of that, but it makes me mad as all get out when we can’t win championships.

That is the summary of my frustration and I believe a lot of Razorback fans are the same way.

I just can’t get too excited about winning conference baseball or basketball tournaments except when you have to do it to make the NCAAs. I want the Hogs to play their best ball in the NCAAs, not leave it at Hoover. A regular season title is nice, but the SEC tournament is just not that big a deal when you known going in about where you stand when the NCAA bracket comes out.

The conference tournament just isn’t an important event to the teams that know they are in the NCAAs. The coaches go into Hoover with the thought process of not burning up arms and getting more experience, and if you win it’s gravy.

Every coach and fan I know would take an early exit in Hoover over an early exit in the regionals. I’ve seen plenty of teams give it all they have in Hoover, only to lose the next week. It happened to Vanderbilt when David Price was on the team and the Commodores were the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament.

That was an incredible Vanderbilt team. Didn’t they lose in their own regional?

I’m much more concerned about coming out of the SEC tournament healthy and poised for a run to Omaha. If I had my way, there would be no conference tournament, just one more conference series.

Yes, lost the regional to Michigan in Nashville. Vandy battled its way out of the loser’s bracket to force a Monday game and threw David Price in relief three days after he started a game. Price gave up a pinch-hit homer in the 10th inning that sealed it.

Sorry…I just hate to lose and get so frustrated when we lose the way we did yesterday to MSU. Knee-jerk reaction…

Me too. We only face 10 conf opponents now. 11 would be better & not cost nearly as much energy. Probably every team would benefit financially as well

The SEC Tournament is a money maker that is distributed among all the teams. Some might benefit from another home series, but not everyone. You have to sell a lot of tickets to offset the operating costs of a three-game series.

That surprises me. Attendance doesn’t look that significant. I suppose the TV package pays enough to overcome that.