Late in the round for the women golfers

And it’s nervous time. We’re still in fourth place in the Cle Elum regional, with a four-shot cushion over seventh place. But we’ve also made three double bogets on the back nine. Fortunately, Maria Fassi and Brooke Matthews got birdies to counter one of those dubs or it would be real nail-chewing time. Fassi is -2 today, Matthews is -1, but we’re also counting a +4 at the moment, since we have two of those.

That seventh-place team? Molester State. I do not want to miss out of nationals on our home course to THAT school.

Ximena Gonzalez turned around from a 7 to birdie the par-4 16th. Another shot of cushion.

Should be noted that Matthews has come up huge. Four birdies on the back nine.

Molester State’s last golfer is finishing 18 now, so they won’t be able to put up any more birdies.

Lady Hogs finishing strong on the last couple of holes, safely in now. Ohio State has made a huge charge in last 4 holes to have a shot at stealing 6 th place

Yeah, unless Fassi makes a 12 on the 18th hole, we’re in. Team is -2 for the day. Three different girls birdied the par-5 18th to seal it.

tOSU just fell out of a tie for the last qualifying spot. UCF has finished at +10 in sixth place. Buckeyes would need an eagle from their last girl on the course to tie UCF.

Let’s note that this was not guaranteed. South Carolina is in the top 10 of the women’s golf rankings, but had a horrible first round and couldn’t fight back. They’ll miss the nationals by about six shots, which they gave away on Monday and to some extent Tuesday. So for our ladies to take care of business and get to play nationals on their home course is an achievement.

Fassi made a par. Hogs are safely in.

Southern Cal, which is ranked #1, won this regional easily. The Broomheads will be very difficult to beat at the Blessings, even with our home course knowledge. But with the match play format, one bad day sends you home, so you never know.

tOSU isn’t dead yet. They’re finished at +11, one shot out of the fifth place tie, but if San Jose State drops a shot they’d have a playoff with SJSU. If the Spartans drop two shots, which is possible, no playoff needed.

Swine so you think the ladies have a shot to win at the Blessings?

I think Arkansas has as good of a chance as any to win at The Blessings. Arkansas does not host regular-season tournaments, so aside from the golfers who have played the course for junior events, the Arkansas golfers are the only ones in the NCAAs who have played The Blessings. It is a really challenging course, so the more experience you have there, the better.

Well I’m coming up to stay with family and go out and watch a couple of rounds! I think it will be fun. Let’s hope the hogs play well. If they compete and play hard that’s all any of us can expect. There’s one thing for sure all of those folks that complained how how bad our athletic department was sure haven’t paid attention to the success of our atheletes in competition!

They focus on football and basketball exclusively. Baseball came one strike from a national title? Nice, but so what. Women’s track wins NCs? Meh. Softball makes super regional? Ditto. They ignore the other 17 sports and focus on the two big ones.