Last year we had a dominant Fri. starter and a dominant closer ---------------

------------------ when we coupled that with surprisingly strong play from Ezell, Goodhart, Franklin and expected good play from Martin, Kerjstad, and Fletcher we had a great year.

At this point in time, we have pretty good but no way dominant Friday and Saturday starters, a bullpen that may or may not have a dominant closer(s) emerge from a large group of candidates but none yet, and a lot of pretty good batters who are very inconsistent right now. Heston being the one and only exception to that inconsistency.

We went on the road for the first time, got tested, and we gave three good opponents seven unearned runs and it seemed we had more errors in the field than all of the other five teams combined! Our All-American catcher threw the ball into the dirt to first base. Our supposedly great fielding infield fell apart. We had embarrasing mental errors like our third baseman thinking he had a force out at third when there was no one behind the runner he should have tagged.

The good news is we are very capable of playing a lot better and this weekend will be a great teaching tool in DVH’s hands. I don’t know for sure we can pitch better but I do know we can field and hit better. I know that Martin can play a huge lot better, but he may need to move from shortstop. We got knocked down so now we get mad, get back up, and kick some butts going forward. I am frustrated but I am cautiously optimistic as well.

Sometimes, these moments have ways of rallying teams. The team now knows that they can not only be beaten, but they can be swept right out of contention on any given weekend. DVH is going to be able to utilize this going forward as a reminder that you need to keep your focus or resign yourself to mediocrity.

I think this will become a blip on the radar in a couple of months.

I agree jmet, we have the best HC, one of the best hitting coaches, ditto on the pitching coach. Early season with some seasoned vets & very talented youngsters.
Every year we work on the pitching rotation after the Friday Night Guy.
I’d reserve judgement as well at this point.

Opitz made two errors and had a passed ball (at least, that’s how I would have scored it).

That’s probably more than he had all last year.

It will get better.

It’s early in the year.

Remember this:

2016 went to this same Shiners Classic and went 3-0…finished 7-23 in the SEC and didn’t make the NCAA Tournament
2018 National Runner Up team didn’t win a series on the road all year. Still played for the NC.

Truth be told, we haven’t been great away from Baum the last few years. Even in our National Runner-Up year, we lost every series away from Baum stadium and struggled in that San Diego tournament. The flip side is we are tough as nails in front of our fans. In fact we’ve only lost 1 home weekend series since April of 2017. The key is to win enough games away from home that we get to play at home come tournament time.

We’ve got 6 winnable home games before we travel to Miss St. Goal #1 is winning these games, but goal #2 should be working out our lineup, rotation, and defensive positioning so we are putting out best group on the field by SEC play.

Wood hog if the hogs just play solid defense the pitching is fine! The offense is the issue and that will get better! The hogs will be fine.
A good taste of Humble Pie served up will make you better!

I imagine DVH is not a pleasent person to be around right now!

He can’t be very pleased. He addressed and challenged the team after the first loss then stated that we would see what kind of personality the team would bring to the next game. They preceded to lose the next two as well.
Wasn’t what he was hoping for.

“a dominant Fri night starter and a dominant closer”. The 2 most important parts of a baseball team to winning SEC week-end series. We had both the last 2 years. That is yet to be determined this season.

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