Last year versus this year

Wasn’t expecting today. I hate losing to LSU above all other teams. Went to grad school there. I will be abused for the rest of the week. Oh well. At least I live far away from BR.

Last year, we finished strong, and went 7-5. But 5-3 in the SEC. 8-5 with a bowl win.

This year 4-4 in the SEC and 8-4 overall is still out there. Could be 9-4 if we win the bowl.

The “we are making no progress” crowd can say what they want…but if we can win out…a real possibility…that is progress. In spite of blowout losses.

We really missed Dre Greenlaw this season. We all knew LB depth was razor thin. We recruited linebackers. But they need to be developed.

I think the defense could be better next year. So long as we upgrade at coordinator. I think offense will be distinctly better. Even losing some bigtime WRs.

Upside, we probably won’t get matched up against Wisconsin if we had gone 9-3. I would fear playing them with our poor run defense. I’ll take 8-4 and a decent bowl. At this point, what difference does CFB make if you’re not in the top 5 or 6?

Im startinig to doubt the staff’s ability to recruit LB’s and DL. Im starting to doubt their ability to recruit speed on defense. We have sloooooow linebackers. Our guys coming off the edge are not fast. I wish Agim was coming off the edge not trying to become a player that he is not. He is not Darius Philon, and we need to stop trying to compare everyone to Darius Philon.

Got to see it to believe it, take what you see and the coach speak in the spring and summer with a grain of salt. I need to see it against SEC teams.

I do think Dre has speed. And hopefully the new kids at LBer.

I also hope they take a bit of bulk off Sosa and put him on the edge again.

Mostly I hope for a new defensive coordinator and a style that uses more deception.

Add OL to the recruiting failures

DBs also.

Actually, reviewing the list from Gage down, what position are we recruiting well? RB somewhat.

Our safeties are the worst position group I have seen us have in about 30 years. The fact that those guys are apparently the best we have is shocking. They are breathtakingly bad.

And, our LBs are block catchers. The scary thing is that I don’t see a lot of immediate help on the way.

More than at any point in the last few years, several of our recruits are lacking other, high D1 offers. That’s usually a bad sign.