Last year players who might return

Any educated guesses on who might return next year? We know Pittman already mentioned he’d love to have Warren back. We need Grant Morgan back in a desperate way…and I would think he would consider it strongly, depending on the extent of his current injury.

I am sure its a pipe dream for Feleipe to come back…even Pittman mentioned him improving his NFL stock. But it would be great if he did.

If I were Hammond I would consider coming back…and I would invite him back. It looks like the light may have finally, FINALLY really come on.

Any others?

After KJ’s performance this weekend I am not as worried about Feleipe coming back. I think he is gone if he feels he will be drafted, even if it is a later round.

Cunningham is playing better, Sam said they’ll get his NFL grade then make a decision.

Clary could, but I think the freshmen are going to pass him.

Kearn is a guy I’d LOVE to see back, we are still very very thin at TE.

Hammond-I haven’t even considered him until last weekend, he remains a mystery to me.

On defense, we really don’t have many seniors who even make plays. Morgan and Marshall are the 2 I’d love to see back. Gerald looks great, until games start, then he seems to disappear, and the poor guy has had a string of injuries. I was worried about his long-term health after that weird artery issue last year.


Gerald got our only sack and QB hurry at Mizzou, so he did that better than anyone else we had. That might have been his best game. I thought we’d get more out of Xavier Kelly although he had two tackles at Mizzou.

Wasn’t that Coates? Gerald between injury, quarentine and whatever did not seem to have much presence this season.

That was Coates…who also had two or three of the offsides penalties. I don’t remember Gerald sticking out at all on Saturday.

Warren. Kern. Morgan if he’d return and pass up med school for a year. (Free grad school at UA is nothing to sneeze at, big picture).

Hammonds has the raw speed we lack, and now seems to remember how to hold onto the ball.

Cunningham and Marshall if their NFL evals are not very good. I bet Marshall is a day two draftee, though.

Don’t see Marshall coming back, he has been on everybody’s radar. He was basically the only defensive player other teams had to concentrate on.
Felipe I expect to go to but who knows.
As for all other Sr’s I think AR should welcome any of them back if they want to for more leadership.

I certainly don’t see Marshall coming back. He has made himself very draftable. I am hoping Feleipe comes back. But I doubt he will. I COULD see these come back:

Cunningham is iffy in terms of NFL…but if he will come back…awesome. You want older, stronger more experienced o-linemen. That is a good thing.
Clary (he has played really well…we want him back if he will consider it)
Hammonds (I think the light bulb has come on…and this staff knows how to handle him)

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