Last year it was 600 yards and 50 points/game

given up on defense to Texas Tech, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and others. This year we have whittled it down to 591 yards and 45 points. I understand we are not a Top 10 team, but we have to field a better defense than this.

Why were there no safeties or linebackers in the area when the A+M quarterback broke past the line of scrimmage? Where had they gone…to get a drink on the sideline or to repair a shoelace? What the *&^% is going on? This happened time after time in the game. Our only hope of stopping Trevor Knight was if he pulled a hamstring on his way to the end zone as he cruised to the goal line. I am surprised he didn’t turn around and moon walk in backwards from the 10.

On a more positive note, Austin Allen is everything and more than Clay Henry has said since the spring. He is danged good. Our offense is very good. Excellent quarterback play and passing game…a decent running game. If we can improve our pass blocking…they look a lot like last year’s superb offensive football team.

Jhawg I’ve been talking D for years while most get caught up on stats for the O

In BBs offense he likes control sustained methodical drives and eating clock…well you can’t turn around and give up points in 56 seconds…it just doesn’t add up to a win

And a QB run 40 yards up the gut with 13 seconds till half to tie score is not going to cut it and that doesn’t even get us to the 4th quarter

If our O is going to be expected to put up points of 30-40 a game to win we are in for long season

The D has to get better and stop giving up huge chunks of yards and scores like we saw Sat night or we won’t ever get back to A T L