Last UT game in the Super Drum

Last Texas men’s game in the Frank Erwin Center/Super Drum was tonight. Several memories in that place. US Reed game winner, Nolan getting ejected and Hogs going on to win the game. Arkansas did a lot of winning in that building. The new basketball facility will be open and used next year. Considerably smaller, I think.


Yep, it will only seat around 10k… that’s crazy, but Texas basketball isn’t a consistent draw.

Yea a lot of schools are reducing size with new facilities, didn’t Georgia just a couple years ago?

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Ole piss and auburn.

Auburn did for sure

That’s insane given their student population is 40k+ (given my quick google search) and the amount of money that’s in Austin.

The normal hoops capacity will be 10,000, but expandable to 15K for concerts, special events and the Arkansas game :smiley:

This is the artist rendering of the basketball setup. No idea how or where they’ll put another 5K. Maybe this shows the expanded setup.


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Never attended a game in the Drum but had a good laugh driving by there in the early 90’s. I was with a couple of Texas’s fans and when we passed the football stadium they were giving me down the road about the games we lost there. About that time I saw the Drum and pointed it out. They shut up. :joy: :joy:

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Let’s see, games I attended in the Drum:

US from half-court, March 1981

Hogs vs. Princeton and Dayton, March 1990

Hogs vs. Texas Southern and Syracuse, March 1995

5-0 record but all of them were close; total MOV was 10 points. Unfortunately I never got to see us beat the Fallopians there. Unlike at Memorial Stadium a few hundred yards to the north…

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I find it peculiar that UT would scale down the size of anything and especially their arena. I have only been in the drum two times, first time to get my CPA certificate in 1984 and the second time I went to a Jackson Browne concert in 1986. Never made a Hog basketball game but did see our 1986 football team win in Darrel Royal Memorial Stadium. That was fun.

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Love Jackson Browne!

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I went to see Jackson Browne at the AMP in Rogers. It was at night, in October, and quite cold, and my date decided to bail out after about five songs. Never saw her again after that night; probably should have stayed for the rest of the concert…

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Which year was the Mayberry shot after the Nolan walkout? I was there just don’t recall the year! I was fairly annoying to the Txs fans in my vicinity, I’m afraid. :sweat_smile:

1990, a few weeks before we came back for the Princeton and Dayton games.

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The only basketball game I ever saw there was the 1995 Syracuse “No timeout Technical” game. Saw the Horns and Hogs play football in DKR-Memorial 3 times - 1976 (Franks and DKR’s last game coaching), 1978 and 1986, so went 1-2 there for a 2-2 overall record for in-person games seen in Austin.

We need more info here. So did you stay at the concert and she left?

She was running on empty.


No we both left. But I should have stayed.

Fountain of Sorrow one of the greatest songs ever written. I can’t begn to write songs as well as Jackson Browne. I did however, write a song with Jackson Browne in the lyrics.

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Yeah you definitely should have stayed. Just a little bit loooonger.