Last time we played Kansaw

Dontell Jefferson hit the game winner (I absolutely did not remember Dontell Jefferson playing for the Hogs) and we blocked two Prairie Chicken shots that could have won the game.

Wouldn’t play for me until I clicked on the Twitter link above.

Memories for me from Eddie hoping that Hogs (actually state of AR) could rise to the importance of basketball in KS.

I remember Jefferson.Dudley messaged me and said he would be in the ATL to watch him and do a story on him…I met him at the game and watched him play.

I was at that game. Tense, close game for its entirety. That was a tough field that year. We lost to UConn with Rudy Gay, beat Kansas, and lost to Maryland. That field also had Gonzaga, Arizona, and Michigan St

I’ve never forgiven Kansas for regional final loss during May/Day final year. Should have been another final four

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