Last Saturday was not an upset. The better team dominated. We can all help change that........................

…by going to games, not leaving early no matter the situation on the field, and not panicking on the boards. It would be nice if we didn’t boo the team as well. CCM and his staff are trying to make the best team they can out of the talent they inherited. Based on their recruiting success so far in this upcoming class, they appear to have the ability to upgrade the talent on this team if given enough time and support. Enough support means not booing when recruits are watching and not screaming for blood on message boards that recruits and their parents monitor. The fact that a CUSA team obviously had better players at so many key positions last Saturday is not Chad Morris’ fault. After we waited around to be ditched by Malzahn, he had very little chance to overcome the new early signing date last fall. The fact that many of those “less than stellar” recruits are the only option for starters or backup in many positions tells you right clearly where the talent level is on this team.

Our quarterbacks aren’t accurate passers, even when they aren’t under pressure. That would have been true in the pro system they were recruited for. Throwing our two true freshmen QB recruits to the wolves with minimal seasoning is not a good solution. It may be necessary but don’t expect it to succeed much in the SEC. Our defense is actually better than last year but has a long way to go to be close to decent in the SEC. Those were Mountain West and CUSA offenses going on long drives in the last two games. Don’t expect them to do better in the SEC portion of our schedule.

And don’t blame CCM for trying to fit those players into a totally different system. That different system is one of the main reasons he was hired in the hope he would do for us what he did for Clemson: boost offensive productivity to a whole new level with his system and the recruits it can help attract. That takes time and may not happen at all if the fans “desert the ship like hysterical rats” after the third game. Poor recruiting over the three years prior to being hired is the reason CCM is in this position. Getting that fixed is a long work in progress and it make take another three years to bear fruit.

True fans don’t desert the ship. Turning into a bunch of Elmo’s will not help. It will only make it worse which seems to be what true Elmo’s want. Go Hogs.

If you are talking about North Texas, I agree.

If you are talking about Colorado State, I don’t because Arkansas should have closed that one out.

I don’t think CoState was better than us except at QB. They did however go on long, game winning drives against us and that is in only a small way the fault of the altitude.