Last one

I’m pleased.


How fitting. Great job Clay. This one will be kept as long as I’m around.


Well done… must have been a bit of emotion tied to it?


Awesome Clay! Love it

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Another master piece (final one).

I’ve written a couple of stories for the next one. I did an interview with Brady Latham that I am pleased with how it turned out. I may get to do two more interviews on Tuesday. I’ll write those two stories and add a Where Are They Now as to help out with our big football preview. I will then be a consultant as that one is finished. I thought last week was my last week of work. But I’ve been asked to help out a few days this week. I guess it’s going to be a slow getaway.

Going to step back for a couple of days. I’m taking Jean Ann to Eureka Springs for a couple of days. We are staying at our favorite downtown hotel, The New Orleans. I’ll spend some time in the spice store.

Then we are going to Fayetteville for a lunch that will include Jim Lindsey, Harold Horton, Louis Campbell, Bobby Field, Ken Hatfield, HD McCarty, Ron Wey, Jim Watson and some more that I’m probably forgetting. That might produce my Where Are They Now column.

I’v got another column forming in my mind about some of the unique things that happened in 30 years – some of the thrills and unusually events that have to do with travel, games and favorite interviews.


Clay, from one “oldster” to another, good luck and I hope all your “dreams” of retirement, come true… Enjoy your life!!!

I totally enjoy your highly toned writing style and a rare gift for narrative rather than just reporting. Your shared loved for our Razorbacks is icing on the cake.

I didn’t know I had a style. I guess I just type what pops into my head. I do know that I’ve evolved into something that probably wasn’t comfortable for me 20 years ago. I put a lot more of me into what I write now. I was straight down the middle for many years. Someone told me about 12 years ago, “You have now hit your stride. I like it.” Don’t know what that means, but I thanked him.

I do know that I write on some subjects differently than I do others. That has to be some passion seeping into what I type. I probably know some subjects deeper than others so that gives me freedom in my writing.

It’s going to be interesting to see if I write more in the future or less. I don’t really know what I’m going to do.

I need a few weeks (or maybe even months) to decompress. The last two months were high stress times. They ought to be fun, but I was told by a CEO coach that there would be many ups and downs as I tried to quit my job. And, that’s basically what I did. I tried twice and thought I’d done it, but since I didn’t tender a resignation in writing, nothing happened. I had to be coached by my friend, the CEO coach, on exactly how to write it and to include specific terms. I did that, but things have drug it on past what I thought might be required. I could have just said it’s over Friday and the HR guy was on the phone Friday, but the company president wanted me to finish a couple of other things. I didn’t have to, but I’m doing it.

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Your Hog family will always be interested in your observations and writing. In my opinion, you are a state treasure.
Not having to live with an alarm clock and regular schedules is worth more than money. Enjoy your time, family and passions.

Just keep those beautiful fish coming.

State treasure indeed


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