Last of my coverage from Nashville

Game recap with reaction from coaches, players:

A big-picture look at the Razorbacks’ championship season:


SEC Tournament lookahead:

Great Job Matt… it’s been an unbelievable year so far. I still can’t believe we won 20 games without our potential Ace and played most of the year without our closer and our setup man and then lost our most valuable arm later on as well. Then not to mention losing your lead off hitter and your best power hitter for about a month.

I still don’t really understand how we did it but reading that story I think I understand that the team camaraderie has a lot to do with it. We have talent but what we have more than anything else is a brotherhood that will play their butts off for each other.

We are about to start post season and we are far from clicking on all cylinders like I hoped we would be.

I think the starting rotation has the potential to be good but now all of a sudden our bullpen is fallen apart and we have several hitters in the lineup that are nowhere near like they were in the regular season.

Josie and Wegner just got hurt at the wrong time and had to miss so much of the season I’m not sure we can get them back to the level we need them to be by regionals.Jace is in by far his biggest slump of the year and Diggs is starting to show signs of slumping. Wood had his two worst outings in a long time this past weekend and we’re going to have to have him get back to normal. Thank goodness Morris shows Great signs of getting back to normal which is a very positive thing.

I don’t know how we’ll do in Hoover but I’m ready for us to get back home in front of our sell-out crowds and hopefully pull out some magic with this group. They certainly deserve to have a great ending to this season with all they’ve been through.


Wonderful write-ups, Matt.