Last night's game

I had to watch the game late, recorded on DVR,

I got to the 5 minute remaining mark, and with us up by 10, pulled a chicken-sh*t move: I fast-forwarded to see if we won. I couldn’t bear to watch if we blew the lead.

And I’ll be damned if we didn’t blow the lead.

I think we played SO HARD last night. We need two things to happen IMVHO:

  1. We need Nick Smith back. With Nick back, we have a player so skilled and dangerous on offense, it will define the game…force defenses to play more honest and hedge towards him, opening things iup for others…much like a superstar in soccer defines a game.

  2. We need to mature. This team is SO inexperienced at this level. Even kids like Ricky haven’t played games with this sort of intensity. We tighten up in big spots. It’s no accident Devo is our best player when the tension is high.

If we get Nick back…and I understand that is still an “if”, I am not giving up on this season at all. But we gotta win at home from here on out. And then steal 3 on the road once Nick is back (if he’s healthy…let’s hope the smoke signals that he will be are correct.)

BTW–even in a loss…I am SO PROUD OF DEVO. You go young man. We need this production for you! Great playing last night. Even with the TO’s.