Last night was Friday the 13th

Don’t know if there was a full moon, but something very freaky was going on. Pulaski Academy lost and the Marvell Mustangs won. That either happened would be news in itself, but both happening on the same night was beyond the improbable.I think it had been about 3 years since Marvell last won.

There was a full moon here in Eastern Tennessee…

Yep. A full moon.

Kansas football won on the road, another rare event

Definitely weird. And Gage and I got a party of 11 seated at one table at Does. Darn near impossible.

And the DeWitt Dragons are now 3-0, including a win over Stuttgart…
“Strange days indeed…”

Dragon cons should be getting used to beating the Rice Birds now. Isn’t that back to back wins over Stute Gart? Sounds like yall have found a coach.