Last night was a GREAT win for the Hogs

Do you know how difficult it is to beat a solid basketball team that makes 17 threes, while shooting 46%. And that 46% includes several missed prayers thrown at the basket in the waning seconds. Probably 80% of those made shots were well defended, with a hand in their face. It was an amazing shooting display, but it went for naught.

Not only did we win the game, we did it with our best big man hobbled the last 10 minutes and our best defender missing the last 15 minutes of the game.

When Devo exited, Notae, Lykes and Umude took over the game. Lykes, with scoring, Notae with assists, rebounds and steals, and Umude with 9 boards. Notae has come so far from this time last year. If he had shot 1-7 on 3s, Muss would have pulled him. In this game, his defense, assists, and rebounding was so good, there was no way Muss could pull him.

A great benefit of winning a game like this, will be the positive impact to the chemistry of this team, with multiple new players this season.


I would be shocked if UNI isn’t a tourney team. I can see why the big boys don’t want to play them. I agree, Harley, great win!


That may well be their best game of the year. Not many games will see 17 3s made and at a high percentage.

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We needed a game like that last night.

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This!!! This is what we need from all these guys. We need our go to guys, but it’s nice to see Notae getting back to the end of last years mentality of wanting the ball to score, BUT now also showing that trust in his team to make the extra pass for easier shots. Same goes for the skill set of Umude and Lykes. I would add Toney didn’t show you a lot on stats, but his aggressive play stopped some easy buckets for NI.

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UNI can win a lot of games on their schedule as long as teams can’t get them out of their comfort zone on offense and defense. If they have to play Hard man defense or press for any length of time they are in trouble. They really do not have near enough guys who can handle hard ball pressure and/or penetrate against good man defense. Teams with athletic guards that can defend are going to be a problem for UNI all year if that bunch we saw last night is the whole roster.

But with all those shooters and a really good understanding of their offensive and defensive systems, they have a chance to do really well in MVC. If they get in the Dance they cold sure beat a cold-shooting higher seed.

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I would love to see us play them every season. That game kept you focused as a fan and the play was fantastic. I was very impressed by both teams and it was great to see the Hogs have that extra gear to pull away at the end. I have not seen free throw shooting mentioned, but the Hogs were solid there too and that was key in the win.

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Before this game, UNI was ranked 330 or something in 3 point shooting. I bet this game was an anomaly and they will be back to earth next game. AJ Green is a great 3 point shooter but the other guys were shooting above their heads. You can tell by the smile on their faces.


I looked at the box scores of the other games they lost. They had 53 and 50 field goal attempts (67 last night). Seems to me they prefer a faster pace and play/shoot better when they get one. We were happy to oblige because it’s what we do too. But I would expect some teams in their league to massage the ball against them.

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I’m sure you are aware that AJ Green started the year 0-of-7 and 3-of-15 to start the season, that NI has traditionally been a solid 3-point shooting team and that head coach Ben Jacobson has knocked off some college basketball powers over the years.

And that includes two No. 1 ranked teams in that time, more than the one Arkansas has in its history.

But I also understand your reluctance to not give the Razorbacks full credit for a win unless the team was coached by my friend who is now at St. John’s.


The thing that impressed me the most was when the game was in the balance with 3 minutes left, we went into Beast mode!! Said enough of this foolishness C Ya wouldn’t want to B ya! Loved that!!

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I think it’s more important that the nation’s #99 three point shooting team lit up the Hogs.

Some so called fans are never happy. I would hate to be so negative all the time!


Yep, a so-called fan here. Just stating the obvious.

Seriously, after everything you’ve read about this N Iowa team? That’s searching pretty hard for a negative. That was a very good, well coached team, that put it all together last night. It won’t be the last game this year that they play great. They will win a lot of games this season.

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Yup, give them $1 million in $100 bills and they’d complain that the bills weren’t brand new,

Yep, I called you out!

Not searching hard at all. They’re also #226 in shooting percentage. Sure, they shot well. I’m just saying that I’m confident our coach has thought, “they shouldn’t have sunk 17 3’s against my Hogs”.

Apparently Coach Muss agreed with me that JD needs to get the others more involved early in the game as shown by JD doing just that. Games like this one will help JD get to the next level much more than scoring 30 and having 2 or 3 assists.

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OMG. Man, you turned that around on me. Of course, winning the game with other team shooting 17 threes is a big win by the Hogs. My point was UNI have not been shooting that well and other than AJ Green the guys made unbelievable shots and I don’t expect them to shoot like that in the next game. Don’t see how that minimizes what Muss and the Hogs did.

But I finally learned my lesson. From now on, I will only post on basketball and recruiting forum, when I have something good to say about Muss. There is football and soccer to spend time on,