Last night in the Colorado-USC game

One of the Broomheads threw an elbow that was at least as bad as the one the Florida guy hit Fulkerson of EOE with, But because the refs had already blown the whistle, for some reason it wasn’t a flagrant foul, either 1 or 2. Instead it was a “contact dead ball technical”, which does not get you thrown out of the game. You mean he stayed in the game only because the whistle had blown?

The Colorado player left the game for a while and went to the locker room, presumably to go through concussion protocol. But he was cleared and returned to the game later. The Buffs won, by the way, and will meet Molester State in the championship game. Ole Miss will definitely be rooting for the Buffs; the Beavs would be stealing somebody’s bid, possibly theirs.

What would have happened if the refs had told the USC coach, bench this guy or he will foul out really quick? And let everyone know what was happening. Give the coach a chance to do the right thing, and if he refused, do it for him.

Good question. The guy who threw the elbow played a total of 10 minutes and scored 4 points. The guy he hit scored 24 points and put up the shot that produced the game winning basket (he missed but CU dunked the rebound).

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