Last minute TDs

Last night was the fifth time Arkansas won an SEC game with a go-ahead touchdown/PAT in the final 21 seconds of regulation, and the first time it happened in Fayetteville. The others were all touchdown passes in Little Rock or on the road:

• 1995 Alabama (Barry Lunney to J.J. Meadors with 6 seconds), 20-19
• 2002 LSU (Matt Jones to Decori Birmingham with 9 seconds), 21-20
• 2008 LSU (Casey Dick to London Crawford with 21 seconds), 31-30
• 2010 Georgia (Ryan Mallett to Greg Childs with 15 seconds), 31-24

We’d have had one more if we’d made that 2 point conversion at OM last month.

I think we won the game because we almost gave it away in those last 21 seconds, but MSU choked.

That is not counting overtime games. They clearly at the very end.

College offenses are capable of scoring quickly when defenses have to prevent the big play. Seem like NFL offenses have been unstoppable in 2 minute offenses for years. Now college offenses are. I hate that MSU got into FG range, but that only required about 45 yards. Rogers is good. He could hit 15 yard out routes, especially with a TO in his pocket.

I don’t think it’s fair to MSU to say they choked. That implies he couldn’t handle the pressure. We don’t know that—although it’s easy for us to Pooh-Pooh that kind of pressure and criticize a kid for feeling it. The kid missed a FG that wasn’t a chip shot. He’s a college kicker. He’s not as good as ours. I’m not gonna call that choking. I’ll call it not making the play.

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