Last man standing

I may be the last man standing for Bielema. I will be until the end of the season and then see where we are.

This has been a brutal year. The sting of the two losses at the end of last year and disappointments in this year’s performance has given everyone a bad taste. However, there has been few surprises in our performance. Almost every pre season prediction had us at 6 or 7 wins which is probably where we will end up… We believed that we had a chance against A&M, TCU, and USC but those games were 50/50 at best and those teams are better than most thought.

After five years on the clock, of course everyone wants to be better than we are. I think that the first two years of Bielema’s time were recovery years from a massive hole. While the recruiting was on Bielema’s watch, he was grasping to fill holes all over the place. We have few players remaining from those two classes on our roster. Very few.

Our team is full of juniors and younger that he recruited as his players in his system. If he does not survive this year, it will the ball will be teed up nicely for the next guy. The next guy always looks better than what we have but most of the time he is not. In the SEC this year, almost every coach except Saban has been or is on the hot seat and if they are replaced, the next guy will be on the hot seat in a couple of years. It is the nature of the beast.

Can Bielema coach? At Wisconsin, he won 12, 9,7,10,11,11 and 8 games. It did not come to Arkansas and lose his ability to coach, it is a tougher job.

I hope I am not the last man standing for Bielema. During the next five weeks, we will have more obvious reasons to get behind him or I will sit down.

You’re not standing alone but it’s going to take a great finish (IMO) for CBB to survive this year. All remaining games are winnable IF we figure out to stop big plays and open holes in the running game.

I don’t think Long will release him prior to the end of the season (unless Coastal beats us).

It’s a tough situation for all.

You aren’t the last, but you are one of just a few left. It is over for Coach Bielema. He has had five years…this is the least talented and worst team he has fielded. He has been given ample time to build his team, and he just hasn’t done it. It is time for someone else to try and get the program on sound footing.

The man will have made, including his buyout whatever it is, close to $30,000,000…yes $30,000,000! He can go away a rich man knowing he gave it his best shot. His best shot, unfortunately, was not enough.

You are not alone. The decision on his fate has not yet been made by the powers that be. Next 5 games will certainly go a long way in deciding his fate. Barring a complete collapse I think a decision to bring him back will be made. However, a brutal beatdown the remainder of the year can change that sentiment.

I loved the BB hire & have voiced support for him till now. The situation is not unlike a divorce: It takes two to tango & one side is done.

It has been a brutal year so far, combined with the two end of season collapses from last season makes it tough to be a fan. But, I am a fan, and will continue to be a fan no matter who the coach is.

I am also a Bielema fan and hope he can get make this right. He has recruited better and depth has improved. Speed has also increased, but it’s hard to see that when you have the results on the field we are seeing.

I think Bielema will be back next year, but I hope he makes some changes in staff. The OL coach needs to be replaced IMO. That is the single biggest shock this season how we have dropped off in offensive performance and have since Pittman left and that falls back to the OL coach simply not getting it done.

I’ve been a member of this board going on 20 years now, so I’ve seen many coaching changes. It amazes me that you now see a large group of what I call new posters calling for everything from changing the QB, to changing the coach and even the athletic director. Blood is in the water and they are feasting on the opportunity to complain because their voices are now being heard louder than anyone else’s. Sign of the times I guess, but I’m not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, there are several long time posters as well complaining, but not with the viral nastiness that you see with others.

Be careful what you wish for as it is not always what you think it can be.

Back in my younger years, I used to think getting coaches from the NFL was such a big deal and can’t miss since i thought college coaches were better than high school and NFL better than college, it seemed to make sense at the time :oops: I am now kind of pessimistic with NFL coaches since they are not plugged into recruiting plus there teaching methods don’t have any time constraints as they do in college where you can spend only 20 hours or so a week.

I am not sure if Anderson is a good coach or not but CBB hired 3 NFL coaches now and have no clue if those guys can coach, recruit or lead the young men…only CBB knows for sure but I would expect there would be multiple coaching changes if CBB is retained. Whether Anderson is let go, who knows but seems like CBB would have known whether Anderson is good coach and recruiter last year.

I’m still standing. A little wobbly at times.

I really like Coach B. if he was an jerk, it would be a lot easier for me to get on board with the can him train.

We will see what happens.

I’m with you in hopes that CBB will have one more year, but I’m resigned to the probability that he won’t get it. My hope is that he wins four of the last five, but really don’t expect that to happen. I, too, had thought if he could come back and replace some assistants, it might be just what he needs. The problem with that thinking is not many good assistants will want to come here with the idea they may only have one year here. So, he will have an even harder time hiring assistants if he’s a lame-duck coach. There’s a good chance he’ll have to replace some anyway because they are going to jump ship while the going is good.

I think we win Saturday. I always do.

I’m resigned to the FACT that this person (myself) can not do one thing to change his future.

One thing that I have NOT seen one person say.

What does CBB want? Maybe he is doing some talking or calling himself. What if it was just fine with him. Move on to another job. It’s just a proven fact that the Arkansas job is tough. Our state can’t even field a team. Maybe part of the offense and some defense. Look at the D-1 players produced here. Not Good.

Whatever I have typed on any other thread he’s still our Coach and My Coach. Actually I feel for the guy. And I sure don’t wish us bad luck just to give cause to get rid of him.

We do still play some games yet this year. BIG ones for the program. MY 2 cents…

It’s over for CBB, when? That’s hard to say exactly. But I do know that when you lose a large portion, in this case the majority of fans, you never get them back. That’s one of the tough things about coaching; it’s a delicate relationship and once it’s damaged, it never is fixed. He’s damaged it, for some very badly.

He’s lost the message boards and social media. That’s the minority of the fans. A very vocal and vitriolic minority, but a minority none the less.

I’m not saying “he has to go”.

But, I am thinking that it’s unlikely that he’s going to be able to do what needs to be done (the rest of this season) to prevent that from happening.

If he can turn it around, I’ll support keeping him, signing the class we’ve got committed, and seeing what happens next season.

I just don’t think he will. And that’s a change, for me, from 2 or 3 weeks ago. I thought then, for sure, that he’d be back. Not so sure anymore.

I like Coach B, want him back but if the results continue as they have been, I fully understand the need to replace him. Still hopeful that he will right the ship the rest of the way but sure don’t see how he can do it at this point.

Never Give Up!


I strongly disagree, I don’t know anything about social media, I’m speaking from human to human verbal communication.

I have a very large group of close friends that are die hard razorbacks, my as well as their roots spread out wide across the state, and it seems that the majority of people of sick of it. That’s just my opinion, I had a conversation with a couple of razorback fans in San Antonio of all places this weekend, and they were fed up.

I don’t know many fans who are or would be ok with a 3 or 4 win season in year 5.

It’s much wider than social media.

Everyone Razorback fan I know, and the vast majority don’t post or even belong to a message board, or twitter are absolutely sick with what they are seeing each Saturday. All support the Razorbacks, and quite a few are contributors and season ticket holders. Some have kids going to school up there. I can find no one that thinks coach B should stay. And the unusual thing is that all like him as a person , they just think he is unable to coach and win in this league. Even during the end of the Nutt years there were some that still wanted to keep him, but most wanted a change. I find it almost unanimous that they think a coaching change is needed.

The complaints other than lack of winning are what we all know. Offensive system, can’t beat Bama running a prostyle offense unless you have Bama type recruits, which we don’t. Special teams atrocities year after year. Defense that is porous. Can’t comeback in second half. The list goes on and on.

One last thing, as of now I only know of a one that has discontinued his donation, dropped his sky box and outdoor seating. So no mass exodus as of yet but this was a substantial doner. But the consensus of folks I know is they are just tired of embarrassing losses. I don’t think it’s just social media users that are unhappy

I’m very disappointed with the results this year, but…

After looking back on 2015, and 2014, and remembering what CBB system is supposed to be.
After looking back on 2016, and remembering how close we were to 9-10 wins. A good OL, and we would have won 9+.
After looking back on CBB’s Wisc 7-year era: 3 Big10 championships, 3 11+ win seasons; 5 9+ win seasons.

Knowing that we just switched to the 3-4 on D, and it takes more than a year to adjust.
Knowing that our OL needs to be fixed, and believing that no one knows that better than CBB.
Knowing that we’ve had injuries at key position.
Knowing that we’ve recruited more speed over the last couple of classes.
Knowing that we’ve redshirted some players that could help.
Knowing that I like CBB, and believe he’s a proven coach.

If the team doesn’t just completely give up on him, I’m not giving up on him. I think CBB has a better chance of getting the Hogs back to their winning ways, and getting us to 9+ win seasons, before a new coach would. Rebuilding with a new coach is a crap shoot, no matter what the coaches credentials happen to be.

Our only hope to finish strong is with Allen at quarterback. If all hog nation thinks that Cole Kelley will take us to a strong finish you are crazy.

With one exception, my stance has always been that I support our coach until he is no longer our coach. Then I support the next one. That is the case now. Which does not mean that I do not recognize that his seat is now scalding and on the verge of bursting into flames.

That one exception was 1997, when it became clear that Danny Ford was just going through the motions. The night during (yet another) loss to SMU when he didn’t even realize we had scored a touchdown cemented it. He had mentally checked out. I’ve since heard that he spent office time checking investments instead of, you know, actually coaching.

BB has been dealt a bad hand and hasn’t been able to overcome it. And many of the cards in that hand are his own doing – who he recruited, who he hired to coach them. I’m not calling for his dismissal but I will be completely unsurprised if it happens. But he is not just going through the motions. And I will also not be surprised if Jeff gives him another year.

Me and you agree