Last FT

Great decision to have Jones miss on purpose. Good call Mike!

Not only did he miss, but it was a perfect miss, left them no option but to heave it long.

Good decision.

The best miss I’ve ever seen.

And I was born in 1951 and played in and witnessed hundreds of BB games.

It’s nice to see CMA get a little credit for a decision he made. The Miss by Jones was beautiful.

MA gets dogged a lot for every decision that goes wrong. He should get some credit for that.

It was the absolute right decision all the way down to having Gafford play free safety. IU had no timeouts so they couldn’t throw it forward and pass the ball. And, bc it was a FT rebound, it ended up in the hands of a big.

Absolutely perfect decision and a decision that a lot of coaches are too scared to do it.

Great decision by CMA and it was fun to watch how Jones just flipped it up there without spending any time trying to measure it. Ghosts of seasons past made me wonder if it would inadvertently go in the hole. Yeah, I’m a jaded Hog fan that has seen way too much go wrong. :oops:

That was a perfect free throw. Too bad in his stats he has a miss when actually it was a perfect hit. Oh well. Whatever it takes!