Last day of early signing period and PF Dericko Williams

Can’t say for sure if he’ll sign today or not, but leaning towards he will. While I can’t say with 100% certainty, I like Arkansas’ chances if he does sign early.

Are we actively on any bigs from Juco?

High school, JC, prep, transfers and grad transfers. All options on the table.

Any names?

Not at this time. Still evaluation process.

RD, question, Hill is taking Garland’s scholarship. Williams would be taking Gafford’s. Who else would be leaving for 2019, or what happens if Gafford decides on another year as a Hog?

That’s easy…observe the PT from pre-season up till now. (Healthy players)

I think they will be able to reshape the roster however they see fit.

Those who don’t play are likely to move on - be it their decision or the staff’s.

Gafford’s not coming back, but if he did, he will be welcomed with open arms.

Do you think it was Dericko’s choice to not sign early, or did we “suggest” it so we could continue to watch his development?

I loved his highlight tape. 6’9" guys with a 42" vertical are few and far between. I really hope we end up signing him!

He plays taller than 6’9". I hope CMA continues adding talent. There’s no reason to keep players on the roster that can’t help the team win games. I hope Henderson comes along and gets it going.

You guys who are all on the Dericko train are gonna end up disappointed. But don’t worry, we are evaluating better players as spring signees.

Nobody is on a train.

We just don’t think we know it all.

Ha, can always count on you trolling and trying to pick apart my post.

This isn’t what I know at this point, but what the staff knows. They moved on. So that’s why anyone wanting this guy to commit would be disappointed.

If they are evaluating better players why would anyone be disappointed?