Last Chance U

This question is for Richard and Dudley. I don’t know if you’ve watched the past seasons of Last Chance U, but I know that we have one kid who came here and another that almost did on this coming season.

My question is about the one who didn’t come, Gooden, should we as fans be worried about the way Arkansas handled his recruiting on the show? A lot of recruits watch this show and I would like to think that the exposure would help rather than hurt recruiting. I just remember how Gooden’s recruitment seemed funky from the outside.

They had quit filming by the time he went home in December so I wouldn’t think there would be anything of note negative.

There might be mention of the time Arkansas told him it no longer had a scholarship for him because he wasn’t going to be a mid-term grad - only to turn around a few hours later and say they did.

That was not the old staff’s finest moment.