Last Chance U

Many of you watched the first season of this series (on Netflix) about East Mississippi Community College and its team of D1 misfits. I just watched the first episode of season 2. Goodness those kids that played for EMCC in 2016 had a litany of serious charges against them when they were at their previous schools.

Thanks for the heads up. Just renewed my Netflix subscription and I knew nothing about this. If I can pry myself away from the Ozark series, I’ll check this out.

Loved Dakota Allen’s response to his Ole Miss visit

I thought the second season was as good as the first. I won’t ruin it for anyone who hasn’t watched it all yet, but the head coach did not endear himself to me by the end of the season.

On a related note, the rumor is that season three will focus on Independence Community College in Kansas, so there is a good chance it could feature Emmit Gooden.

I’ve only watched the first episode, but he did not impress me in Series 1, so I’m not expecting too much of an improvement in Series 2.

Kam Carter is a head case but there were others too. Isaiah Wright was almost as bad at time. The Coach is a real problem. The players all think they are a “grown man” that the coaches need to show respect to. The level of back talking to coaches is amazing.

There appears to be a fine line between the EMCC Lions and the Parchman Prison team that will suit up against the Guards.

Funny!.. yet Sad

Great news! … ium=Social

[quote]The popular Netflix documentary series Last Chance U will be following Independence (Kan.) Community College for the 2017 season, SEC Country has confirmed. The Garden City Telegram first reported last week the school would be the subject of Season 3.

This gives Arkansas fans some extra incentive to watch the series next summer. Reason being, Razorbacks defensive tackle commit Emmit Gooden will likely be prominently featured.



As long as he doesn’t act like Kam Carter or sound like an Academic casualty.

> As long as he doesn’t act like Kam Carter or sound like an Academic casualty.<

I’ve only seen a few episodes of Season One, but I would be very leery of most of these guys. Talk about recruiting your own problems! Also, if I may offer some unsolicited spiritual advice to Coach Buddy Stephens. Prayer is probably more effective when you don’t take the Lord’s name in vain every 5 seconds.

This show blows my mind.

If I was to watch it with no knowledge of the players and their past i would’ve had a much different impression.

The one with the worst offense in my eyes, Deandre Johnson, would be the one I would want to be a razorback. He was a true team player and seemed like an awesome kid. That’s without knowing that he brutally punched a woman, which completely changes my perception but still.

Kam Carter, I wouldn’t buy a ticket if he was a razorback. That kid is going nowhere in life, and that’s the hard truth of many of those kids. You can’t help someone who won’t help themselves. So much talent is thrown away, because of lazyness and a sense of entitlement that many are raised with. Really sad.

There are a few others that I liked and didn’t like, but it just shows sometimes we all make a horrible mistake but can still look and act like a good person. I hope Johnson learned his lesson and can get past that.

As for the coach… what a sack of… I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t a coach much longer.

Enjoying the series. Have nothing for that coach. I like the Academic Advisor. Can’t imagine how hard it must be to try to work that bunch of misfits. She seems to care about them, but most will not listen. It seems so simple. You will not play D1 unless you get your grades (well, ole miss and auburn are exceptions to that).