Last 5 to finish out 2019


Who do think will be the final 5 to finish out this great recruiting class? I’m excited to see these playing soon

I know you’re not asking me, but I will go ahead and answer anyway…

  1. J Catalon
  2. G Brooks
  3. M Cunningham
  4. C Nwanna
  5. K Bryant

With Winters or Russell being a runner-up if somebody else doesn’t pull the trigger

I like those, Frappy. That would be a truly awesome finish
to this already great class.

I’m not an expert but those 5 you listed would make this class very impressive to close it out. No matter what happens it’s exciting to see a staff show the ability to recruit.

Still missing a LB.

I heard something this past week, replace Catalon with Lakia Henry, but that would bring me to a question about Catalon, how would we make room? Dudley said he was a player you have to make room for.

You take Catalon, and Henry seems to be headed to Tenn.

You heard something this week? What does that even mean? Like you have a source?

I think we have a way better chance with Catalon than we do with Henry

If you could land Catlon and Henry you take one more OL if KB comes on board and if KB doesn’t come you take 2 OL.
2 quality LB with speed you take. From a position of need standpoint we need Olinemen and Linebackers!

I’ve said this before, but Dudley and Richard aren’t the only recruiting guys covering AR sports, they may have the best info, but they ain’t alone and they’ll tell you that.

The five mentioned by me were the ones that two different recruiting gurus mentioned (one was a Rivals AR recruiting guru, discussing whether or not we stayed in Rivals Top 10), neither mentioned Catalon, and both Dudley and Richard have indicated Catalon waits until spring.

So, that goes back to my original question, with the five mentioned, what happens if Catalon decides to come to? Do we send someone packing, and if so, who? A 3* recruit, or someone with a year in the system, or tell someone to be a grad transfer?

  1. Jalen Catalon
  2. Greg Brooks
  3. Nwanna
  4. Myron Cunningham
  5. KB

My guess. If any of the following 5 fall through follow ups would be 1. Josh Donovan or another juco lineman
2. Lakia Henry or Chris Russell
3. QB transfer

I like the energy you guys have for this class. I’m still on the fence if Catalon or Bryant pulls the trigger. Definitely in need of OL help and some solid LB’s. I’ll say Johnson and Henry the 2 LB’s will finish this out with the other 3 Frappy mentioned. That will be icing on the cake for this class

I’d like to get both LB’s. I also would like to land Brooks and Catalon. Plus we need Nwanna, Cunningham, and Bryant. But, we only have five spots. That’d be 7. I know Dudley and RD always say the numbers work themselves out. Maybe, I can hope, right?

We need 10 JC OL, 5 JC DL, 5 JC DSecondary, 3 JC LB, 3 JC WR, 2 JC RB, and a QB transfer.

What I said is that you have to make room for a prospect like Catalon, who has said he is making his announcement in early Jan. - not the spring.

They obviously want Bryant, Brooks, Henry or another LB and the 2 JC OL.

That’s obviously 30 if you run the table and that’s too many.

It would be a great problem to have to work out.

Not arguing Dudley, but wouldn’t Jan be the Spring signing period?

Semantics, I guess.

But I don’t consider Jan as the spring.

One’s called the early signing period and the other national signing day - although it last awhile.

Duly noted.

What I was getting at the other six are being reported as signing in Dec. that means we’d be full before Jalen decides. That’s kind of what my question was, if we sign 29 in Dec, the Jalen or maybe another highly regarded kid or JUCO decides to come, do we except their pledge?

I assume he lets the four teams know in Dec., announces publicly in Jan and then signs in Feb.

I’ll try and catch up with him this week to see if that is still his plan.

Also, what I said above I did hear this past week, the two AR recruiting reporters never mentioned Catalon. However, they seemed to think that Brooks, and Henry were legitimate flips, and Cunningham and Nwanna would be Hogs. They also indicated Bryant would be a Hog because he was committing on Morris’ birthday (I have no clue if that’s true). Can you or RD give your opinion on those five?

I don’t have a clue on Catalon. He’s hard to read, plays his cards close to the vest, but I know he had a great visit here and the Longhorns are worried about him coming here.

I’m actually a little surprised that Brooks has not flipped from Mississippi State. Today couldn’t have helped that any.

As for Henry, I think if he was going to flip, he already would have. We’ll see.

People who should know about KB seem to still feel good about him coming here.

I think they likely get both JC OL.