Is Larry on the travel squad to LSU this week? He better be. Gotta get this win!


Larry ready to roll.


Bowling is great, but we need to keep winning and land a fun bowl game. Larry needs to help the Hogs avoid the Music City Bowl and land a blue water/white sand beach bowl. Let’s Roll, Larry!


Larry will have to share his seat going home.


Great topic ! Larry, Larry, Larry !

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There’s no such thing as an ugly win.

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Can’t get those links to work. Where did they come from?

Yep, the links do nothing.

@coloradohog and @adgebg, the “link” is a notice that an image cannot be loaded. It happens when an attempt is made to load a large image. I posted instructions (in the FAQ thread) about the problem and an app that will correct the problem.

I watched the video of Sam’s postgame speech in the locker room on Twitter. Larry didn’t make an appearance. But the Boot did, sorta.

Fellows, when I look around, The Boot is Sitting Right There!

Nothing else really matters.

Do we have a jukebox clip yet?

Oh so sweet.

Haven’t seen one. Perhaps Hogs+ will have one.

Larry did not make the trip.

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