Larry Csonka at today's LRTD club

He made a point of watching the Razorbacks’ last two games in anticipation of being in LR today. I appreciated that thoughtfulness. He said he was impressed with the way the team fought after giving up two first play TD’s. He talked about how difficult it is for a coach who inherits players for one system to do well in a new one. Contrasted it with the NFL where a coach can trade & move players to fit his system right away. He thinks we are well coached & that players fighting that hard at the end are buying into the new guy’s plans. He predicts a bright future for the Hogs.

Some of you might dismiss all that as simply playing to the home crowd, but I didn’t get that impression. Of course, I know of one poster on this board who will dismiss Csonka’s words entirely.

(I also spoke briefly with Bruce James. Bruce is not afraid to say if he thinks there are problems or if the coach is failing. He said we are not anywhere near the team we were 3 weeks ago. Thinks we’re showing great improvement. Same poster will dismiss James’s remarks, too.)

I wish the poster you speak of would be dismissed .:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

That poster is dismissed as far as I’m concerned!

I agree we are making progress on the field and in recruiting. Arkansas is in a league and division where there is a small window for error be it in recruiting or on the field.

Some people are never happy & refuse to believe things can improve, their glass is always half empty and leaking.

It’s not hard to see what’s happening both on the field and in recruiting. If it does not fit your agenda, then it becomes obvious what is going on.

If you guys would learn to ignore him he would go away. Mr. Henry must love him, he drives more traffic on this board than anything. Any post he makes immediately goes to 7 or 8 pages. I guess you guys just can’t help yourselves.

I value Mr Csonka’s opinion much more than that other certain poster’s.

It’s really something. Frankly, I don’t see much difference between him and other posters who never have/had anything constructive whatsoever to say about Mike Anderson, Bielema, HDN and let you know it on every thread.

But, for whatever reason, he has really struck a nerve. And no, he’s not much different than those others. They were 100% against those coaches and quickly also resorted to name-calling and ad hominems if you had the nerve to disagree with them.

Your on top of your game Pig and agree 100%. WPS

You’re right, but I think he’s struck such a nerve becaue he’s been so negative befroe the man ever had a chance to do anything. My memory might be wrong, but I don’t remember any of the Anderson, Beilema, HDN critics being so negative so soon. I get sick of those who constantly bash (and have little else to say at all), but when it comes to being johnny-one-note, I think we’ve found a new champion.