Largest baseball attendance for 2022 season

Rat cheer at Baum Walker!

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Good we finally beat LSU… have we ever done that before?

Arkansas had been No. 1 in average attendance, but never in total attendance until last season. I wrote about it last June.


Ok thanks Matt

Yeah I remembered you had written something but I also thought I recalled it was from an unofficial source, like some guy who tracks CBB attendance on his own.

@MattJones, is there someway to find actual attendance figures during the season? They used to report those numbers in the box score. The last few years the only number shown is the official number which is tickets sold.

I learned that the box score linked from the schedule page can be different from the box score linked on the stats page. (The stats page version nearly always includes the full play-by-play, while the schedule page version may not.) Yet neither include that number.


The box shows the scanned attendance for most games. The others are listed below:

May 3, Missouri State, 3,836
May 13, Vanderbilt, 9,961
May 14, Vanderbilt, 9,863
May 15, Vanderbilt, 7,578

No, it was from an NCAA database I track. The official attendance numbers are ready at the end of the season. I don’t know why it takes so long for some people to report them, but there are often seems to be a multi-month delay before they are widely known.

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BWS needs more seats. Most especially for the students.
UA…Campus of Champions


Hunter consistently says he does not want more seats. He likes demand to exceed availability. That equals money.

I am like you Guy, build more seats.


Don’t see how it would be anything near cost-effective to tear up Bud Walton just to add nosebleed seats. It likely would be cost-effective to box out some nosebleed seats to build party boxes for big donors. That will likely result in a net reduction in number of seats. That seems to be where things are headed eventually. The biggest improvement needed appears to be rebuilding of the side areas, e.g., dressing rooms, to make them larger and swankier.

The conversation is not about adding seats to Bud Walton Arena. It is about adding seats to Baum Walker Stadium.

BWS can be easily confused with BWA.

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Scientifcrocket’s response to the topic reminds me of this old, old Saturday Night Live character infamous for conflating topics…


As Gilda would say, “Never mind!”


A friend posted this on FB:

Just in case anyone had any doubts about the effects of the new ticketing system, you have to look past the headlines of #1 in the country, 10k per game.

2018 actual attendance - 6,261

2022 actual attendance - 4,840

Yeah I don’t understand why they do that …you can look in the stands and tell there’s not 10,000 there very many times

I don’t think I trust that number from 2018.

In 2019, when ticket demand was higher than the year before, the number of scanned tickets averaged 4,590.

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