Langerman lands at OSU

Seems like a nice fit. Close to home & apparently a great grad program for her.

I’ve heard she’s graduating in May from the University of Arkansas (in 3 years as a 4.0 biology student, BTW), so her transfer decision was likely with academic/career goals in mind. Plus, OSU has lost a ton of its key players to the portal, so she’ll likely get extended playing time. Arkansas’ guard room looks very full.

I was told there were no hard feelings from her toward the Arkansas staff and/or the university.


Though disappointed because she is such a uniquely positive force in the community and as a basketball player, this seems to be a good plan for her. Close to home and in a great graduate program while she plays her sport. I hope someone is picking up her slack academically…the UA Athletic Over All grade point benefits from those 4.0 point gymnastics women but she certainly did her part…Good luck, Raylee!!!

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