Lanes Contract and Money for assistants

Good luck. 5 Mill for assistants isn’t getting you far in the SEC these days.

So, Kiffin didn’t shanghi us for the money. You know we would have matched that. We were paying a high school coach $3,500,000. He must have wanted to go to Ole Miss over us or Jimmy Sexton wanted him to go to Ole Miss. I guess we will eventually find out what happened.

The more I read the more I think the more likely case was actually, that HY did get mad about Lane interviewing after a deal was reached and he did pull his offer, leaving Lane and Sexton no negotiating power.

HY then went and hired a non Sexton represented coach.

I’m a Kiffin fan, well, not anymore, but he’s got his hands full now. That’s not enough to put together a SEC level staff, especially with coordinators normally earning 7 figures now. Good ones at 1.5+.

Curious to see who he gets.

I am like you, JR. I was a Kiffin fan and really wanted him to come here. It would be nice if these coaches would honor a gentlemen’s agreement or whatever agreement in principle they had, but today that old saying “A man’s word is his bond” is just an old saying. It doesn’t mean jack.

Yeah, but with that $2.2 M for support staff, he will be able to get a really good group of bag men for the payoffs and social media influencers.

I don’t think it was the amount, per se…it was that AN amount had been agreed upon, and then Kiffin/Sexton tried to come back and leverage the Ole Miss offer for more from the U of A.

A deal is a deal. If it’s not, then that’s on the one trying to change the deal; not the one who says “no” to the changes.

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I’ve had compensation/benefit agreements with folks I’m trying to hire. After agreeing one person came back negotiating again.

They were not hired. Trust is everything.

Exactly. Just because the deal hasn’t been reduced to paper doesn’t mean it’s not a deal. If those are the facts, & I’m beginning to think they are, HY was absolutely right to pull the offer. And the suspicions about LK’s integrity, or lack thereof, were corroborated again.

We dodged a bullet. Keep an eye on OM. Probably gonna be some shenanigans crop up in the next couple of years.


Well it looks like we got $5 million as well. Yippee (Sarcasm).

yeah… I spoke to soon.

That’s just embarrassing

I realize most will want to criticize Kiffin now that he isn’t here, especially when many thought he would be. But it doesn’t really sound to me like he did anything unethical. In fact, it sounds to me like he got a better offer from Ole Miss (as much as I hate to say it). Even if he did come back to Yuracheck after having already agreed, can’t blame the guy now that we see what is being spent here AND the fact there were at least a few others that turned away.

Agree to disagree.

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In my day, you shake heads, it is over; better offer or not.


I get the sense that 5 mill is not set in stone,i get the feeling if we have a chance to hire a real impact coach we will come up the money to hire them

Well, I don’t claim to have much sense (and don’t seem to be getting any more), but I’d bet money that the remainder of your statement is “dead on”!

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