Lane Kiffin

Where all the people that wanted him so bad and thought he was
god’s gift to coaching?



They are hanging out with Gus Mal-A-Zhaaan.

The guy is a great offensive coach. His teams can throw it or run it and be successful. They finished 8-4. We are going to be 7-5 or 6-6. I like Pittman, but I still think we should have hired Kiffin.

Kind of thought he would have been the splash hire and get the Hogs Sports Center attention, not the laughable variety we were seemingly getting almost weekly under Chad, but I also suspected we would get the drama, childish tweets and the narcissism that goes with him.

Credit where credit is due, he has a pretty exciting and innovative offense, however I would stop short of calling him a genius. Ole Miss has been typically blessed the easiest schedule in the west, which probably accounts for only winning two Divisional games this year and having pretty similar results in previous years. While he is responsible for this, he was also blessed with two high profile (West Coast) quarterbacks, both having experience to run his offense.

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Did not want him then

Do not want him now

The guy I wanted has slowly, but surely done a nice job of rebuilding at Florida State. I think he’ll be a candidate the next time we need a HC given all of his ties to the state.


Pit an has outperformed Kiffin when one considers where the programs were when they came in. Kiffin is a good coach, but if he leaves OM it will be a big blow to that program just like it would have been here.

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Arkansas would just be a stop on the Lane train and not a destination.

Arkansas is the destination for Pittman. Lane had his chance to be our Coach and blew it. Will never want him to be our Coach.

Lane is an interesting guy. Obviously a good coach (not great). Like others I didn’t want him then, don’t want him ever. His coaching in the Egg Bowl was less than good.

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Nonconference games this year:
Arkansas – Cincy, Misery State, BYU, Liberty
Ole Miss – Troy, UCA, Georgia Tech, Tulsa
In essense, we played THREE teams tougher than anyone the Flopnecks played NC.

Interdivision games last two years:
Arkansas – Georgia (the national champion, remember), South Carolina, Misery twice
OM – Kentucky, Vandy twice, Tennessee (the 7-5 version)

Stevie Wonder can see we’ve played a tougher schedule. They beat us last year, we beat them this year, and most of the rest is due to Charmin.


No question that Kiffin has a great offensive mind, but he does not have the market cornered on that quality.

The question is whether having that great offensive mind running your favorite football program is worth the baggage.

I would have been fine had we hired Kiffin, and I would have supported him. However, I would have also thought we would be lucky to keep him more than three years.

Let’s not forget we beat OM 2 years ago, too.

Seeing those comparative schedules tells me Pit has outperformed Laney boy, period.

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Sometimes I think coaches get locked in to their persona and make decisions based on that and not what’s actually happening on the field. Joey Freshwater thinks he has to go for it on fourth down if it’s anywhere close because that’s his self-assigned persona.


The ending with Lane Kiffen anywhere is much like Petrino, it will always be a messy break up. I know that goes for most coaching situation. Sexton is going to use Lane’s popularity to squeeze more dollars out of Ole Miss (and any other school he coaches at).

Pitt is within 2 points of beating LK all three games since he’s been here.