Lane Kiffin’s response to the SEC

Apparently Lane Kiffin has in mind to pay his $25,000 fine in pennies to the SEC office.

Yesterday he tweeted, “Where can I find 25,000 pennies?” (Oops, got the decimal point in the wrong place, Lane)

Then he tweets the correction, “… 250,000 pennies”. (wrong again)

Finally he gets the math right with the tweet, “*2.5mill”.

I don’t follow Twitter, but I imagine plenty of people on social media had a field day with that yesterday. Just another reason I’m so glad we have Coach Pittman.

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I’m definitely glad we have Pitt. But, the troll job Kiffin is doing on the SEC is hilarious. And, I think the more national attention that is brought on the ineptitude of SEC refs can only be a good thing. They won’t change anything until it’s embarrassing enough they have to.

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Kiffin is a character. He is having fun with the SEC and the bad referees. I like it, even if it is Ole Miss.

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Go Kiffin, in this case he’s pulling the same wagon we are in.


respond to him he can get half of those pennies from Arkansas fans, gladly.

I like it to that Kiffin will call out the SEC hierarchy about their incompetence or bias. Now his team may or may not get screwed on future calls.
But this needs to be kept a hot topic on social media and the sports networks, and so for it is.

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