Lane Kiffin love

I’ve seen a couple of posters lament we didn’t hire Lame Kiffin. He finished 8-4 with wins against powerhouse teams like this: Troy, Ga Tech, Central Arkansas, Tulsa, Vandy, Texas A&M and Auburn. Kudo’s to Lame for beating a ranked Kentucky team.

Give me Sam every day.


And just parlayed that into a bump from $7.5 million a year to $9 million a year.

Interesting you’d mention aTm. Kiffin is 2-0, Sam is 1-2. Just sayin

Speaking of Kiffin and OM, Sam is 2-1. Just sayin’


Did you want Kiffin?

Yes. Would still take him.

I wouldn’t. Too much baggage. I smell an impending flameout.


Really? Now, O’mery

Absolutely not

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Yea, i know. You hate kiffin. He lives rent free on this board.

So why do you love him? Because he’s an arrogant snot? It ain’t because of his winning big. He never has.

And in case you’ve forgotten: SEVEN DAYS AGO we kicked his ass.

Kiffin is still a jerk and under no circumstances would I want him to coach our Hogs!

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Good coach, good recruiter, good offense.

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Kiffin can sometimes build but has yet to prove that he can sustain a successful football program.

Why would Arkansas want a coach who would use our program (same as OM) as his stepping stone to his next coaching gig? He often burns his bridges at departure & usually on bad terms. Why would Arkansas want or need that type of coach?

Crazy thing, Sam is 4-2 against Lane and Leach. My Mississippi friends know it all too well. Sam is close to being 5-1.


Give Lane credit he toyed with Auburn long enough to get a raise to 9 million a year. Sexton gets things done.

And Sam wisely hired Sexton to get things done for him and secure his future after last year, knowing that with the schedule and expectations this year that there could likely be a drop off.

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Precisely. Maybe he’ll prove us wrong and sustain it at OM, but to be honest he took a step back this year just like we did (including losing to us) despite an extremely cushy schedule. If we’d played that schedule (Vandy instead of Misery and four NC cupcakes) we’d be 8-4 too.

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Kiffin & Sexton tried that same ploy with Arkansas by using OM to squeeze more $ from us after he & HY had already “agreed” to terms. Thankful that HY stuck to his guns & kept everything above board by withdrawing our offer. From what I have read Kiffin earned less $ at OM than what he would have earned at Arkansas.


Exactly what I heard.