Lane Kiffin for HC

Arkansas needs to stop messing around and get Kiffin. The program will immediately return to national prominence - likely in a good way. The key - he would be able to immediately sign the recruits needed for us to compete. If our new Coach doesn’t have an outstanding 2018 class we are going to be in for a long offseason and couple of years I’m afraid. I too like Norvell, but don’t believe that he could have the same immediate effect - remember this is the SEC - with a young ‘up and comer’ coach it could be 3 years before the Hogs have a decent season again

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Amen! If you want to have an immediate impact on recruiting, style of offense, and overall national perception hire Lane Kiffin!

If you want to look like the next group of idiots dumb enough to hire a kid that gets his rocks off trolling people on twitter and will bail in a heartbeat for another job, hire Kiffin.

The only job he bailed on was Tennessee, and it was for USC. It was a no brainer especially given his ties to the school. The whole “he will bail for another job” is bs unless a traditional power school like Alabama, Texas, etc came calling.

Amen. Iffin it’s Kiffin I’m outta here. Will still be a Hog fan in all other sports, but will put Razorback football on ignore.

I felt the same way about Malzahn. Malzahn already quit on us once. It was my opinion that he shouldn’t be allowed back on campus. We gave him an opportunity of a lifetime to jump from a HS HC to the OC of an SEC school. Things got a little tough for him, so he bolted to Tulsa. He quit on the Razorbacks and showed no loyalty to the program that gave him his big break!

Then I started thinking about the positives of a Malzahn hire for by beloved Hogs: 1) He just beat #1 UG and #1 Bama, 2) He just won the SECW. If he were to leave Auburn to become our HC, it would bring national attention to the Razorbacks. He would probably even be able to attract some top-tier recruits from outside of our traditional recruiting region. So, I decided that I’d support him, because it would be good for the program.

There’s no doubt in my mind that a Kiffin hire would be the best choice for the program. He would bring immediate national attention to the program. Top-tier recruits from California to Florida want to play for him. The personality traits that turn some people off, are positives when it comes to recruiting. Since he bolted from Tenn to his dream job at USC, he’s spent 3 years coaching under Saban. He’s not the same coach. In one year, he’s turned around FAU from a perennial doormat to 10-3 and a conference champion. FAU’s record over the past six years: 1-11, 3-9, 6-6, 3-9, 3-9, 3-9, now under Kiffin 10-3 and going for win #11.

I hope you’ll look at the positives of a Kiffin hire, and recognize that it’s whats best for the Razorbacks.

Kiffin wins the press conference. But that’s all he’d win here. No way do I want him. All sizzle, no steak. You think BB was over his head in the SEC, Kiffin is anchored to the sea bed.

He knows what it takes. He’s been in the SEC at the highest level with Saban.

He would be much more well suited that Bret was.

I disagree that he wins any media, because all of the old farts without a sense of humor will hate him.

Where Lane would win is on the recruiting trail.

If we can’t get Gus, we need a HC that is a spectacular recruiter.

Let him hire stud coordinators to do the Xs and Os, although I think he’s a rear offensive mind.

As many have said, Saban is a good coach, but he is a Great recruiter.

It all comes down to jimmys and Joes, look at the top 4 this afternoon, then look at their recruiting ranks, it matters, it matters significantly.

See the post above mine. “Brings immediate national attention” = winning the press conference.

Kiffin was at Tennessee for one recruiting class, landed the #8 group according to 247’s composite rating. So what? Butch Jones got the #7 class in 2014, #4 in 2015, and got fired last month. Kiffin’s one class at FAU wasn’t even in the top 50. Basically he won C-USA with Charlie Partridge’s leftovers. He was at Alabama to call plays, not to recruit. And that’s his strong suit. Offensive coordinator, sure. HC, no effing way.

As Razorback fans, we have to recognize that we have a recruiting disadvantage. Our fans want greatness. We want to win championships. We’re not going to give the next coach 5+ years to build the program. We must hire a HC that will attract top-tier recruits from outside of our region on day one. Kiffin will do just that. Malzahn might.

I’m not particularly enamored with Gus either.

I see no redeeming factor for Kiffin. None. Zero. He has no redeeming character traits and the attention he brings to a program is all negative. He will quickly find that he cannot recruit to Arkansas like he can to large schools and then the SEC west will eat him alive.

Nope, I am good. Hard and fast pass.

This is my primary concern for the hire. If we don’t hire a HC that can bring in top talent, it will be more of the same. I’m not convinced Gus would be able to duplicate the types of recruiting classes they have been landing at Auburn. They have a system of cheating that will still be there after Gus leaves.

I think Kiffin would instantly make Arkansas a hit with the players and he would land some top 10 classes. Can he manage the whole program and win games? I think he can.

But, I would expect a sharp increase in off field incidents. :smiley:

I don’t know about top 10, but I guarantee top 20.

If we win maybe around 15 in a couple of years.

Bret was praised for his recruiting, but to be honest it was bad. So if he can get a 23rd ranked class, someone else can do much better.

The instate class of 19 is much, much better than we are used to, that could be a good year.

Between Kiffin and Gus my vote would be for Kiffin! Gus has already dumped on our hogs!

Simply put, Kiffin, maturity-wise is a teenager at best. Plus, as many “in the know” have said several times, he’s not being considered at the UA. Most likely because of his immaturity.

When the post pushing his hire starts out, “will immediatley return [us] to national prominence—likely in a good way” ought to tell us all this is someone we don’t need.